Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wake up?

So I stayed up until 7am and slept until 4pm.

It was an interesting sleepover. I enjoyed the day previous to the sleepover part, for it was filled with the CCC and all our craziness... it was Abby's birthday party. It started with me getting there a bit late, and coming in to them attacking me with hugs... all wearing dresses. Minus the guys. I was unhappy about the fact that dresses were a last minute decision, for I love dressing up. Anyways, we all went on an adventure and eventually met up again and had a bonfire. After almost getting attacked by a coyote (or so we thought,) they gave Abby her presents. One of them... was a joke bought from Spencers. If you know what Spencers is... then you'd get why this present was a big source of entertainment from a group of juniors (and one sophomore... me.) ANYWAYS. After the guys went home, it got interesting.

The majority of the sleepover was spent playing on Omegle. (I would suggest to never go on Omegle.) I didn't like it... but I didn't say anything. Some stuff I wasn't happy with happened and I spent a little while being anti-social because of it. And that's as far as I'll go with that. (Awh. You're prolly thinking it's worse than it is. Don't worry.)

Anyways, Abby decided to come and interrupt my antisocial party. Thank you. She agreed with my point of view on Omegle and we ended up having a deep chat in another room which ended with us calling her friend and asking ridiculous questions, both of us laughing our asses off. (It was maybe like 4 in the morning at this point, thus the questions didn't make much sense.) It was awesome.

Later, the other girls called us in, because they discovered a really awesome guy over webchat. (It sounds unsafe, but even me, who by the way, disguised myself so I wouldn't be identified, approved of this guy.) We chatted until like 7 in the morning. We were all sad when it came time to go, but Bookie added him on Facebook.

We then slept until 4.

When I woke up, Grace and I made our summer bucket list and planned on a jam session the next day.

Today is still that current day, and the rest of my day consisted of going to youth group and then out to Applebees afterwards. :) My church is always entertaining.


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