Monday, October 18, 2010


**Hello. Since I haven't had time to blog lately because of my play which I'll write about later,I'll be catching up hopefully over the next week or so.**

The Muse Concert.

All we could say after seeing it was "Wow."

Literally. And after every song I'd just blurt out "Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic." And each time I'd hear the first few notes of the next song and realize what it was, I'd scream and shout "YESSS!!!" since they played just about every song I wanted.

It was basically the perfect concert. Meaning Muse. The seats weren't the best, but we made it quite fun. Especially since we were in the nose bleed seats and were the only row headbanging and completely rocking out. At least we got the full view, though, and the full view was absolutely breathtaking.

I was mussing about Muse the next month. *Bu-bum, chhh.* And I still am. It was thee best concert I've been to yet, and it got me so into Muse.

I mean everything was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC:

The Lights - They had lazer-type lights, lights times perfectly with the music, perfectly fitting with the music, they had screens up with amazing graphics and such and live video close-ups of the band, etc. My mind: "HOOOOLLLLYYYY SHITTTTTTT!!! :D"

The Music - Duh. Muse is phenomenal. Perfect live. They give their all every time.

The Stage - Started on big platforms that went down, then went to the front of the stage.

The Instruments - His first guitar lit up, one turned into a spotlight going around the center as he moved, the PIANO lit up (WANT. SOMUCHWANT.) etc. Just... ohhhhhhhhh.

Just... wow. Breathtaking. Everything.

Muse, you inspire me. Hehe. Muse. Inspire. Hehe. It's so perfect!!

There's not much more I can say. It was just too amazingly fantastic for words to correctly and thoroughly describe.