Monday, November 29, 2010

I'll Never Grow Up.


I decided awhile ago that I'd stop physically aging at 25.

I'm just going to stop. That's just what will happen.

And as for my mental growth... The knowledge will grow, the curiosity won't stop, the need for adventure will never cease, and my love of people and music will always be prominent. But I'll always be young at heart. And mind. Well you know, to a point.

I'm already told I'm 'mature for my age.' *shrug* So it goes.

That's right! I'm silly and entertaining, AND I can have a riveting conversation with you.

Hahaha... I sound confident. Wooo.

Anywho, you (meaning reader) should know that I wrote a post about my fall party awhile ago, but have yet to post it because I still have to edit. So I'll do that soon.

But for now I'll tell you about my Thanksgiving break.

So we had Wednesday - Sunday off of school for break. YUSSSSS.

To sum up, I spent it either at dads writing music, with the fam eating foods, on some adventures with friends, or with boyfriend.


Dads writing music:
Well, writing or learning music. I recorded a couple new songs in my studio, as well as started learning how to play 'United States of Eurasia' by Muse (<3)>

So hurray! :D

With fam eating food:
Thaaaaaaanksgiving!!!! :D So, I was upset at first about the fact my cousins couldn't make it up, but I understood. Dang weather. But they got a new puppy I get to meet at Christmas. :D Anyways we had delish food as always and, as an added bonus, A MUSE CONCERT WAS ON PALLADIA (music TV channel) WHILE WE ATE DINNER! :D *such happiness* :)

I got to see my grandma and uncle. :) Woo!

**OH RIGHT. AND I FORGOT TO SAY I WENT SHOPPING ON BLACK FRIDAY. No, I'm not crazy. We went after everyone was gone. I got a skirt and a fedora. FINALLY.

Adventures with friends:
So I was invited to a get-together with friends Max and Chris, and also asked to hang out with long-distance camp friend Curtis. Then boyfriend Mark asked to get together as well. Now, a boring person would pick one, sigh and tell the others sorry. But oh ho ho I'm no bore.

I just convinced them all to come together for awesome fun adventure tiiiime! :D

Ha, so at first the party consisted of everyone just goofing around and making fun of each other while they got to know each other at Max's. It's when we went outside into the winter snow when I regretted hanging out with 4 guys.

Oddly, this sort of thing has happened before... Though last time I was baking with 4 guys. 0.o

Now, we started by walking to the fort back in the fields. Normally this would be fine, but I was in my new awesome tall (and fuzzy!) boots walking through deep snow. x/ I started with complaining, but I found it pointless with these guys and decided it'd be more fun to just enjoy the walk. *grumble*

So, we walked through the chill and had a mini snowball fight. Then we decided to head back where, after a series of events consisting of 'dishonoring families', the pile of shame, countless poking fun at me and Mark, we decided to take a trip to Cub Foods. If you're curious... The pile of shame was an uncomfortable pile of snow I had to lay on because I 'dishonored' Max's family. *shrug* He made it up, but I figured it'd make a story, so I took on the pile of shame. The result was a bad back and a cold butt from sitting on snow.

Well, Cub only resulted in laugh attacks and me owning a cute new stuffed owl, courtesies of Mark. And some carrots. Can't say I complain.

Then we decided to pull a prank on some friends who we new were having a party for a visiting friend we didn't know, using my friend Curtis, since they hadn't met him. Welllllll... It went too far when a fake phone call went overboard, so we packed it up, confessed the joke and headed home. *double shrug* It was all a good time 'sides that.

Hangin' with Mark:
The next day, after all the silly shenanigans and such, Mark and I spent the day together. We went to the mall together in search for an animal hat.
Such as this one. ^

No dice. Never found that perfect animal hat... *sigh* But the trip was fun nonetheless.

Then we came back to my house and watched 'The Notebook.' If you've ever seen this movie, you'd know. ITS SO SO SO SO CUTE AND AMAZING BUT I ALWAYS END UP SOBBING. I had forgotten how much I love that movie. Either way, I ended up squealing at most parts and quoting it and it was a jolly good time.

Though I was sobbing in his arms by the end. I had warned him.

Good thing we had bought chocolate at Target before hand. :) Nom.

And I won't write too much about Mark over thee blog, since I haven't asked what he thinks about it yet, but I will let you know he's the most amazing, wonderful, sweet, caring guy a girl could ever wish for, and I sure hope he knows how much I adore him. <3

All in all I had a fantastic break. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and such! :D

Monday, November 15, 2010

Anonymous-ness Part Two.

So, awhile ago I made a post writing anonymously to people and things, because I had things I needed to say but didn't always wanna say it to them. Thus, anonymously.

So yeah imma do it again.

I feel it'd be a good way to note what I've been up to, as well as get out what I gotta get out.

To amazing friend who seems so sad lately:
Please cheer up. You're so very loved, and you don't deserve to feel so awful. Please talk to someone. And know I'm always here.

To a couple of friends who seem to be upset about each other:
You're both just worried about nothing. Freekin' TALK it out and all will be fine. You want them to act a certain way, maybe you aughta show them that.

To my school:
If you cut out early bird classes and such, I'll seriously consider switching to my original district. That'd make me sad though, since I happen to like it there. Sometimes. :/ And if I go back, they might eat me. 0.o

To my style:
Come freeking back. I love doing fun style, but it's been too cold and I've been to lazy.

To amazing, wonderful, fantastic boy:
You've no idea how much every little thing you do means to me. You make me feel very special and you don't even realize how absolutely amazing you really are. I just don't see how you don't see it in yourself, you're absolutely my movie fairy tale. <3>

To music:
I need more of you.

To sleep:
I need more of you as well.

To choir and stuff:
I love you but you're frustrating right now. Choir is supposed to be the hour I have fun doing what I love... but I've had so much work lately that sometimes I need that time for homework. That's my fault, yes, and it bums me out. But what's happening right now is that you become an extra chore and that's no fun at all. Gah.

To music I'm writing:
I wish I had more time for youuuu.

To one group of friends:
I miss you, gang. And I really want to see you.

To other group of friends:
I can't wait for you to meet him. :) Don't corrupt him too much, okay? :D

To other other group of friends:
Where are you? Lets start getting together again. Please? I miss you.

To old group of friends:
Hi. I'm Kayla. Oh wait, we've known each other our whole lives? Hmm. Doesn't seem like it.

To my mind:
You're doing well. Haven't over-thought things too much lately. Got too many happy thoughts. :) Stay that way.

To my room:
Clean yourself.

To my food:
Wait, I've no food.

To homework:
You're not attractive, so I'm not doing you. Aw, gross Kayla. Hey, I saw it on Facebook.

To Facebook:
I need to stay away from you. I love spending so much time with you, but you've taken over my life.

To "The Notebook:"
You're such a gooood mooovie... But when I watch you with my boyfriend I'm going to completely LOSE IT. I'll prolly kill a whole Kleenex box. :/ Oh dear... Please be prepared dear.

To my blog:
I'm sorry I've neglected you. I'll try and write more.

To my youth group:
I love you.

That's all I can do for now, I think. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WOOH It's Been Awhile.

Why has it been awhile?

No motivation.

Nobody has commented on my posts for quite some time... Thus I felt like I had no readers... Thus I just stopped blogging.

Though I love blogging. And no, this isn't a post for pity.

I just had no motivation. *shrug* What can I say.

I've also been very busy.

Drivers Ed (Pull out my hair. 10 days. # extra hours after school. X.x)
I dyed my hair! It's dark brown.
Made some new friends. :)
New music!
Writing music.
Choir things.
Not sleeping. X.x
Halloween parties and trick or treating. You're never too old!
Homework. Death.
Cleaning everything.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

"These are just excuses. Their not even that time consuming!"

Ahh, but you are wrong! I get home at 6 from drivers ed and there's different things I have to do everyday (youth group, cleaning, events, etc.) and then I have to do homework and TRY and find some relaxing time. Oh, and I'm trying to be healthy. And it's not working.

AAANNNDDD my sleep schedule sucks. So I'm always tired.

So there. I'll attempt to post more.