Monday, November 15, 2010

Anonymous-ness Part Two.

So, awhile ago I made a post writing anonymously to people and things, because I had things I needed to say but didn't always wanna say it to them. Thus, anonymously.

So yeah imma do it again.

I feel it'd be a good way to note what I've been up to, as well as get out what I gotta get out.

To amazing friend who seems so sad lately:
Please cheer up. You're so very loved, and you don't deserve to feel so awful. Please talk to someone. And know I'm always here.

To a couple of friends who seem to be upset about each other:
You're both just worried about nothing. Freekin' TALK it out and all will be fine. You want them to act a certain way, maybe you aughta show them that.

To my school:
If you cut out early bird classes and such, I'll seriously consider switching to my original district. That'd make me sad though, since I happen to like it there. Sometimes. :/ And if I go back, they might eat me. 0.o

To my style:
Come freeking back. I love doing fun style, but it's been too cold and I've been to lazy.

To amazing, wonderful, fantastic boy:
You've no idea how much every little thing you do means to me. You make me feel very special and you don't even realize how absolutely amazing you really are. I just don't see how you don't see it in yourself, you're absolutely my movie fairy tale. <3>

To music:
I need more of you.

To sleep:
I need more of you as well.

To choir and stuff:
I love you but you're frustrating right now. Choir is supposed to be the hour I have fun doing what I love... but I've had so much work lately that sometimes I need that time for homework. That's my fault, yes, and it bums me out. But what's happening right now is that you become an extra chore and that's no fun at all. Gah.

To music I'm writing:
I wish I had more time for youuuu.

To one group of friends:
I miss you, gang. And I really want to see you.

To other group of friends:
I can't wait for you to meet him. :) Don't corrupt him too much, okay? :D

To other other group of friends:
Where are you? Lets start getting together again. Please? I miss you.

To old group of friends:
Hi. I'm Kayla. Oh wait, we've known each other our whole lives? Hmm. Doesn't seem like it.

To my mind:
You're doing well. Haven't over-thought things too much lately. Got too many happy thoughts. :) Stay that way.

To my room:
Clean yourself.

To my food:
Wait, I've no food.

To homework:
You're not attractive, so I'm not doing you. Aw, gross Kayla. Hey, I saw it on Facebook.

To Facebook:
I need to stay away from you. I love spending so much time with you, but you've taken over my life.

To "The Notebook:"
You're such a gooood mooovie... But when I watch you with my boyfriend I'm going to completely LOSE IT. I'll prolly kill a whole Kleenex box. :/ Oh dear... Please be prepared dear.

To my blog:
I'm sorry I've neglected you. I'll try and write more.

To my youth group:
I love you.

That's all I can do for now, I think. Enjoy.