Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hehehe. This aughta be interesting.

There are certain people in my life that just make me happy. But letting them know that in my way (writing extremely heart-felt things) would probably creep them out. So they just don't get to know.

... Is that bad?

Maybe I can just say a bunch of anonymous things on here to people. And nobody but me will ever know who they are to and what they mean!

And they don't all have to be positive! I can write to anybody!

Sounds like a plan.

To awesome guy who acts at all these churchy things I go to:

You are amazing! I only wish I could've gotten to know you, and not just to say hi. I'm very impressed at your acting skills and your braveness to get up there. *applause*

To dude who I think is quite adorable:

Why must you be 3 years older than me? I don't like that because I think it would be looked upon with scorn. Bleh. But you're adorable none the less. Wish I knew you a bit more though... But I do not have a crush on you like everyone thinks. I just think you're cute.

To awesome new friend:

We have so much in common! It makes me happy! Plus, you're super positive and you appear to care about me, so that's happy. :) And having someone to join me when I sing just makes my day, legit. X)

To people who send me "good morning" texts:

You make my day. :D

Dear group of friends:

People always say they don't like drama. Well then why create it? Ptthh. It's really too bad the group is splitting up because certain individuals just couldn't deal with others (who btw, you were friends with for quite awhile, jussayin' and I hate to see that change so quickly.) I find that the mature thing would be to just work it out and not freak out about stuff. Respect each other. Oh, but I suppose I don't know the story. Ohwait. I do. :P

Dear other group of friends:

We have so much fun together, but I sometimes feel like I'm not respected. I need to be able to feel safe with you guys, and right now I'm not at that point.

Dear other other group of friends:

Well gbye I guess. Hey now, I try to make an effort to get together, but apparently you don't care so much for me anymore since you make no effort at all. We used to be best friends. :/

Dear blue and gold school I was gonna go to:

I'm sorry, but it looks like I won't be going to school there. I go to every event though, so you'll see me. :) And I still live near here, so anybody can make plans with me! Just note, it's a 2 way street. You gotta do some planning too.

Dear maroon and gold school:

Those are your colors right? I'm still pretty new to you, but I guess I'll be at this school this upcoming year. I hope to meet many people in the school and make tons of friend whilst making this the best year yet and finding myself.

Dear sammich:

Imma eat you.

Dear guy friend with aweshome hair:

I learned some more about you this past week, and you're quite the cool guy. :) I love the poems and stuff and I love the caring nature in you. Oh, and I love that drawing, it's adorable. Shoot... I just told you about this blog didn't I? Oh well, you're cool, feel cool. Nom nom nom.

Dear guy friend who lives further out but comes to see me:

I love you! You're awesome, and I feel you understand what I tell you for the most part, and you care. And you drive out to come see me. I hope I can be as good of friend to you as you are to me. And I plan on it.

Dear x:

I truly do hope you're doing well. I hope you're a happy person, and I hope you regret telling lies about me... because people know me, they tell me what you say, and they know you lie. I think you made some new enemies. Not my fault. Despite everything, I still would never wish the worst upon you. And I didn't reply because I can't let negativity back into my life... but I'm not and immature typical-teen who ignores people. I'll say hi to you, but I'm not letting you back into my life.

Dear family:

I don't feel like I can be "me" around you, and I don't feel like you're proud of me. I really don't want anything to do with you lately, just because of these feelings. I try, I do. Why don't you ever see that?

Dear directors of "A Midsummer Night's Dream":

Thanks for giving me the part of "Cobweb" the fairy! You won't regret it! :D

Dear dude I only talked to on chat but now we hang out and talk in groups:

I think I liked you better before... I just don't like getting made fun of all the time. Yeah, you're just kidding, but that's just me... I don't like getting made fun of all the time. Tone it down a bit please?

Dear person who I've written songs about:

You're not the only person I've written songs about, but you're the main one I write about. It still bugs me a bit... what you did... how it ended. Even though at this point, I really am over you completely. For awhile now actually. Getting hurt that much doesn't quite appeal to me. You prolly have your false view of me still too. Eh. You apologized, but still don't really talk to me. It makes me wonder how much of what you actually say you mean. Oh, and I'm sorry the timing was off. I couldn't help that. And you didn't help by putting me down either. I still wish you well though. I always wish you well. And I hope the thought of me isn't equivalent to my thought of you.

Dear person who I know will read this and text me about it:

Ahaha. :) Hi Ben.

Dear all people who read this:

Thank yuuuuuuuu. :D

Dear good? friend:

I care about you so much, but the way you acted made me wonder how much you care about me. I'm really bad at accepting what people say lately, and this didn't help that at all.

Dear silly awesome guy friend:

I nevah see you and I wanna fix that.

Well thank was fun. :D Now lets sit back and watch people wonder... ask... freak out... assume. :) This is gonna be fun. :P Thanks for reading. I might take this down tomorrow, just 'cause. It's cool to get these things out though. *shrug*


  1. Hm. Blue and Gold were my school's colors. :-P

    -French Bean

  2. I'm glad you finally got your school situation figured out :) Seemed like it was driving you insane for a while.

  3. I figured nothing out. I just waited too long.