Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Creativity? Yep, that's the word for it.

I feel it's time you know what I do when I'm home alone.

When I'm not writing music or on Facebook or the phone, I do some entertaining things... without even trying sometimes. For example:

Last night, I was on the computer. There was this tiny bug that kept flying onto my screen, and it was starting to annoy me. It got to the point where it'd freekin' crawl all over the screen, completely distracting me from what I was doing. Thus, I decided that the bug had to die. *insert maniacal laugh here* I had to think quick before it got away, and a simple hand-swipe wouldn't do. So, I grabbed the nearest item (which happened to be a sock) and started randomly whacking my computer screen repetitively with all the rage I had for this evil bug. After I calmed down and stopped whacking my computer screen, I looked around huffing and puffing to see where my victim had fallen. When I couldn't find it, I looked around in the air. Psh, cmon... how could it have survived that?? I then heard a loud buzzing noise in my ear and I screamed bloody murder as flailed around. It struck revenge. And then it got away.

Maybe the interesting part is actually how I go about things...

But anyways, another example of my crazy antics happened just a few minutes ago. It all started when I got the idea to try and make a glove out of a sock. Don't ask. I cut it to look perfect, but I still wasn't satisfied. I wanted it to be green. So, I went into my basement in search of some dye. I needed something to put it in, and couldn't find any containers that I could throw out in case I ruined it. So I decided to use a bag instead. A Cheetos bag. But of course, I had to eat the Cheetos first. Okay, it wasn't a smart idea to use a Cheetos bag, I know. I ended up using a paint cup. But anyway, the real story is the Cheetos. So I started eating my little bag of Cheetos... and right away I found myself utterly unsatisfied. The last Cheetos I had had before the current bag had been flaming hot Cheetos. These were just regular. Well, I told myself that they just wouldn't do, so I went on search to make my Cheetos spicier. I searched through my spices around the house, not knowing anything about any of them except for one kind. I took the container out and sprinkled some on a plate. The pieces were too big for Cheetos. So I tried to crush them. I failed. But I put them in the Cheetos bag anyway and shook it. I then tried some Cheetos, expecting a pleasantly spicy treat. Nope. Boring.
I decided I'd have to venture off into unknown spices. I looked around in the cabinet until my eyes rested on some Chili Powder. In my mind, I was thinking "Hmm. I've heard of this stuff. It's gotta be hot enough." I then put some on a plate and tried some on my finger.
While I was chewing ice, I looked for some less spicy stuff. I tried this and that, but nothing worked. I decided I'd just put a bit of the Chili Powder on my Cheetos and try them, standing next to the freezer, just in case.
I nervously shook the bag and tried one of the newly flavored Cheetos...
Success!! It was delicious and perfectly spiced. When I finished eating my awesome amazing creative creation and telling the world of my genius, I looked down to see my fingers covered in orange from the Cheetos, with little spots of Chili Powder too. Excited, I licked one finger and waited for more yumminess to happen. A few seconds later, I realized that there was a bit too much powder and that my tongue was now on fire.
In a normal persons mind, this would be bad. For me, it became a game. I quickly shoved the other orange finger into my mouth and counted to see how long I could stand it. When I felt I was about to explode, I dashed into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of ice and quickly put it on my burning tongue, laughing at my own stupidity.

The good part? I'm amusing to myself as well as others. :) Hehe. So there you go, I find ways to entertain myself when I'm alone, and they often make decent stories to tell.

Note: Certain parts of these stories are more of a dramatization, but everything I write here happened.