Saturday, August 7, 2010


So... I've realized that in certain posts I sound like a drugged-up-melodramatic-crazy-ass-teen who must be on some type of shrooms whilst writing her blog or on ecstasy while doing the things she writes about.

And I'm perfectly fine with that. I swear to drunk I'm not God.

Something I'd like to clear up right now though: I'm completely sober at all times. For not only would it be illegal for me not to be, but also that I just don't roll like that. 'Kay?

Well Kayla, then why do you write and act so crazily?!
'Cause! 'Cause I can! And 'cause I'm that way! Ask anyone! Except I'm even more psychopath-esque than I've written about. Maybe I should be more psychopathic. Or, maybe I can be both... for those who like one way better than the other. Idk. Maybe I'll just have moments?

Anyway, I feel the need to tell you that there are way too many sounds going on in my room right now... I feel like I'm in a tornado or something. Or like a raging thunderstorm like you see in movies. Phenomenal. I could see me acting in one-a those.

The sounds I mean are my fan on high speed and my window open. It's just really dramatic for me I guess. You'd get it if you were here.

Oh. And I'm not psychopathic all the time. I can be a deep thinker and a ear when someone needs to talk. I like both ways of acting.

Speaking of acting... I'm gonna be auditioning for a play coming up! It's SHAKESPEARE! :D!!!

I love Shakespeare.

So it's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and I'm auditioning with a monologue from "Much Ado About Nothing."

Every play I've auditioned for, I've known nothing about. And that record is still going.

Yeah. So it'll be amazing. I was a fairy in a parade today to advertise it. :) And then I sang at Laker Idol and didn't place but I don't care 'cause in my opinion their judging system is bullshizzle. Hurrah, run on sentence.

After that I went swimming in my clothes for the millionth time this summer and watched fireworks.

I said some interesting things at the fireworks show. My friend Jordan made a Facebook post about it:

At the fireworks:
"I think they should continue the helicopter rides during the fireworks." -Kayla
"That might be a bit dangerous, just saying." - Jared
"But even if you did die, how epic would that be? The obituary would be all 'died in a freak helicopter/firework accident.' AWESOME. You would be the t
alk in heaven!" -Kayla

A typical conversation with my friends :) Kaylee, Melanie, Jordan

I felt so awesome. And loved. Special too. It was a good thing. Being tagged is my favorite. And for a quote too?? LEGIT!!! I feel complete. For just a day.


My friend Anna, just 2 seconds ago, tagged me in a post! OMRGGTTIAS! (acronym for above exclamatory statement.) It said "Kayla, I love you."

How nice is that??

Day made. Doubley. :D

(I prolly aughta explain the long exclamatory thing. That's like a bunch of my catch phrases put together so as to emphasize my excitement. :)


  1. Lovelovelovelove A Midsummer Night's Dream! I was actually thinking about trying out, but I'm a terrible actor xD