Sunday, September 26, 2010

Homecoming and Such.


So most of my post's lately have been thoughts and such, but I haven't done one where I've said what I've been up to in a while.


I had my schools homecoming dance yesterday. It was quite fun. While we were getting ready I did several of my friends' makeup, and so when the guys arrived I was still in my comfys. X) I had to rush and put on my dress and jewelry.


Noh. I went with friends. :) I had a date, but he couldn't make it.

:o WHYYY??

He lives a good distance away, and it just didn't work out in terms of rides and such.


Oh you know.


Picture this:
Partyboying, the makerina to a random song, dance circles, absolutely crazy awesome amazing dancing, lots of interesting looks from people, me and the CCC. :D (And avoiding grinding at all costs, etc.)
And an awkward car ride on the way home, in which we all crammed into one van together, and I had to sit on my friend Ben's lap. (Hello Ben. I know you read this.) What made it even more awkward, is Derrick and Abby's conversation in the back seat, involving childbirth and other topics that just make things get weirder and weirder. *sigh* Gotta love 'em.
When we got back to my friends house we watched the homecoming video Grace's dad made (Involving good old Ben's dance) and then watched Ace Ventura. Fuuuunn times.


A cute/classy black dress. :)

What else happened lately... hmm... Oh! I got side bangs!

They look pree good, I must say. I like how they turned out.

Apparently during Halloween my friend wants me to come to this haunted house where he's working. The CCC also wants me to go to a haunted amusement park with them.

I don't do scary. I'm absolutely terrified.

Psh, so don't go.

I'm a pushover. I'll end up going, and I'll also end up crying and having nightmares. Don't judge. I grew up a wimp.

I can't think of much else. Just school. Pth.

Yup. There's your update.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shut Me Out.

"You got a problem with the way I think
I got a problem with the way you think
You can program me Like a damned machine
So I'll take a stand, and say 'Fuck this scene.'"

"I'm sick of imagery instead of artistry
I'm sick of apathy instead of harmony
I'm sick of poets working part time jobs
While pissy people pick and choose the stars."

I wanted to make a post about Nevershoutnever's song Sellout because it seems to apply to me quite a bit lately.

Looking into my world right now, as well as the world in general, it seems like the artists of the world are put down... put away for being their own people. For being different.

My dad tells me I have to fit in to get somewhere. To get a good job.

Well, his definition of a "good" job is something that makes you a lot of money.

My definition... is more so something that makes you happy.

You could spend your life making millions off of something you can do well, but not the something you want to spend your life doing.

Or... You could do something that doesn't get you too much dough, but makes you happier than you ever imagined.

Maybe I don't want to fit in.

The way I picture the world to become... is something like robots.

People all have to fit in and be the same. Work fancy jobs day after day, and not do something they love.

People shut out the deeper people, and those who try and be different.

People shut out those who feel. Those who care a whole lot. Those who think just a little differently.

I'm one of those people. So shut me out.

I'll make my way back in.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Life is a Musical

Hi, I'm Kayla and my life is a musical. If you don't believe me, then you've never really met me.

I do burst out into random song.
I do make things very dramatic. In a funny sense. Not like "Ohemgee did you see her hair?!" kind of sense...
I frequently skip down the hallways.
I often break out into dance numbers, and what makes it better, is sometimes people join in.
Every time I see an instrument, I'll most likely go rock out on it.

When I'm upset, the way I view things turns black and white. There's a dramatic feel to it and depressing music plays in the background.

When I'm angry, something like metal music comes on in my head, and everything is shaking.

When I'm extremely happy, Nevershoutnever-type music plays and there's a skip-around-merrily vibe to all of it, and I often dance around my house like every classic movie where the girl hears great news.

When I'm chill, we got John Mayer goin' in the background and life is good. There's a calm cool look about it.

When I'm scared, creepy music plays in the background.

When I'm doing something dramatic, like running dramatically to a friend I haven't seen in awhile or something of the sort, you got the "dun dun dun" going in the background with the music that fits.

When I'm looking back, reflecting on things, a whole montage thing happens in my head, and the music will fit the theme.

Now, obviously, this too is a dramatization of how I view of my life. But a lot of it actually quite true. Such as I look at things from camera's point of view rather than just a person.**

**Seriously. Often times something will happen, and I'll think "Woah! That'd be a great music video!" Then I promptly record the idea on my iPhone.

The way I think of things is also musical-esque. It just happens that way.

I often fantasize aswell, and expect things in my fantasies to happen one day. And they will happen, dammit!!

I hope someday a boy will **** ** ** **** **** ** *** ****** *** **** ** * **** ** *** ** *** *** ***** **** ****.

(I *'ed all of that... 'cause I also imagine it will happen by the guy thinking of it himself. I don't ask for it to be exactly the same... just a general thing... It's hard to explain. Basically, it's not what he'll do... it's how he'll do it, and if he means it.)

I hope someday to become a famous singer/actress/songwriter. And it's gonna happen.

I hope someday to be able to help anyone who needs it. I try my best to be that way now.

I hope I can fulfill my purpose in life through God, while having an amazing time.

I try to have as many adventures as I can, so as to make memories and stories I can tell. So I can have an interesting life.

I'd like to think of it like... Someday I want my life to be able to be made into a successful musical. It could be a movie, be preformed on Broadway, in high school drama clubs, etc. So basically, I want my life to be so eventful and crazy-awesome, that it's worth watching. Lol. Not sure that's the best way to put it, but I think you get what I mean.

Either way...

I'm Kayla and my life is a musical. If you still don't believe me, maybe you will someday when you're watching me on the big screen.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


So, in a couple of my earlier posts, I mentioned a group of people that I was jamming with, that could possibly become a band if we were good together. Then it kinda fizzled and never happened.

Well, it's happening now! Like legitimately this time! The drummer (Stobez) bassist (Grace) and guitarist (Jess) and now new guitarist/secondary singer all got together and played through our songs, Crushcrushcrush by Paramore and Wonderwall by Oasis, and it was successful! I can't wait until it finally all comes together. Maybe we can preform at the garage. :D

Well I'm pumped.

In other news, homecoming is coming up on Saturday and I've yet to get a dress. :o I hope to be getting one sometime this week. I'm excited for it, and I really really really hope all my plans for it work out. 0.0

In other other news...

I am so not ready for the cold. My house is freezing and my sweatshirts are not that warm.
My acoustic guitar still needs a new string. :(
Spirit week is this week! **
My play is going well. Though my friends and I all assume we're gonna bomb the dance...
I still need a haircuttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. >:/

** Spirit week for homecoming:
Monday- Prep day (I plan on curling my hair, wearing a pink sequined shirt and cute skirt, and doing makeup how preps do it.)
Tuesday- Rocker day (I plan on wearing a bright yellow puffy skirt over black leggings with a cool shirt and fingerless gloves. Also with a studded belt and jewelry, and I plan on scening my hair and dying it non-permanent purple.)
Wednesday- Jock day (Just gonna wear mom's old track uniform thing. A sweatshirt. I'm not sporty. :P)
Thursday- Nerd day (I plan on wearing suspenders with a plaid nerd shirt tucked in with my flip up glasses and silly socks. Oh and my awesome shoes I colored.)
Friday- School spirit day (My school makes "homecoming pants" for our spirit day. Each class of people gets a color and we take that color of pants and super-decorate them and wear them to school/ the game. Usually the floors are COVERED in glitter by the end of the day.)

Pumped. :D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Me today.

Me today, because of random bad things happening:

"..." *no expression*
Friend: "Hey!"
"... Hi."
Friend: "What's wrong?"
"... Nothing."
Friend: "You sure?"
"!!! Yes."
Friend: "Are you really sure?"
"YES!" >:/

Me today, when friends tried to cheer me up:

:J (Half smile)

Me today after school:

"Hey guys." *smile*
Friend: "You feeling better?"
"Eh, yeah, a bit. More than before at least."

Me today after literally eating sugar:

... Sugar and caffeine are like drugs for me or something. Literally makes me so hyper, it can change my mood, in a way. Though subconsciously I still know my mood. :P

Either way, I'm still hyper, and hoping it lasts throughout rehearsal.

Monday, September 13, 2010

So, what's wrong with Blogger?

All of a sudden my info isn't on the side anymore...
My newest post that I worked really hard on got posted BELOW the old one... ITS MY FAVE POST SO FAR, GO READ 1, 2, 3 Stomp!

Yeah that's it, but it's really stressful. :P


EFFFFFF. I seriously just copy pasted something I wanted to post, deleted the original, then before pasting it I copied a link for 1, 2, 3, Stomp and now I no longer have what I was going to post.


Well, I was just going to talk about hypocrites, jerks, rude people, and judgers. But I guess you don't get to hear about that.

I have homework to do. Seeya.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm now in school.


No. I don't enjoy getting up early and spending multiple hours staring at teachers talking in monotone next to 30 classmates who's immaturity varies from extremely immature to HUHUH HE SAID DICK.

I hope you understand my position.

Either way, that's why my posts haven't been posted yet. I'm working on three posts but haven't had the time / energy to finish them. *sigh* But I will. Someday...

Meh. Anyways, I wanted to do a quick post about something I think I'm deciding...

Imma just stop trying.

... To impress, that is. I'm sick of spending time to look as close to perfect and normal as I can make myself look, sick of adjusting my style or taste to those around me, sick of getting stressed when I think that one boy probably doesn't really like me. Figuratively, of course.


What I'm trying to say, is that was me last year. And this year, I just really don't give a rip! XD Imma have fun and be crazy like I was all summer.

I'll wear an extremely different style everyday if I want to.
I'll belt my darn heart out in choir and not even glance when the other girls stare at me.
I'll belt out my own compositions on the choir piano in free time.
And not stop if people listen in. Iwillnotbenervouswhenpeoplehearmymusic.Iwillnot!
I'll skip down the fricken hallways with my CCC friends, darn it!
I'll continue to care about every single person I meet.
I'll stop swearing for my own reasons and I'll brush off those who laugh at me when I correct myself. "Oh shit... I mean shoot." "... Wtf haha." "Grumblegrumble."
I'll actually do well in class this year.
I'll happily draw extravagant drawings in class with a cool quote along with it and not get annoyed with the guy next to me who'll go "...WHATS THAT UHUHUH."
I won't give a *darn* when I feel like someones ignoring me. I'll just message them once and let them either reply in their own time, or not at all.
Imma just have fun.

You get my point. I'm gonna have a mostly carefree year. Hope yours is good too. Luls.

Friday, September 3, 2010

1, 2, 3, Stomp!

Things I Wanna Do In The Next Year Or Two:

- Make a successful YouTube channel with lots of viewers, like Michell Davis at LiveLavaLive!
- Make a successful blog with lots of readers. :)
- Make a successful photography business, if not just taking and editing pictures for friends for senior pics or whoever/whatever for a small charge.

- More things, like the things my friends and I did today. **Will write about later in post.*
- Dress up crazier.
- Finish my songs.
- Preform at the Garage.
- Be in a legit band.
- Get a lead in a musical, and rock it.
- Learn the guitar down pat.
- Learn more about the piano.
- Be perfectly happy with how I look.
- Have good grades.
- Know myself.
- Become closer to Jesus. :)
- Master my new lightsaber! :D (Or, technically, "Sonic Saber" ... THIS ONE LIGHTS UP RAINBOW!)
- Bake cookies to say thanks to the CCC.
- Finish things I start, as to not become like somebody in my family.
- Get better at organization.
- Design an amazing room for my room at my dads house.



So the things my friends and I did... Well, it's a great story, but difficult to explain.

Basically, mall trip! But not your ordinary.

Well, it started that way but... obviously didn't end that way. Though, that's to be expected with the CCC.

SO! We all came in 2 separate cars and met up at the Sushi place. ("We," consisting of Max, Grace, Abby, Derrick, Chris, Garritt, Sabrina, and Bridget. Oh and me.) Immediately, we turn it into a massive game of 'The Floor is Lava" and start jumping from tile to tile, making sure only to step on the blue ones. This was only the start of our adventures.

We started walking around the mall. I don't know how it got started, but apparently just walking wasn't good enough... We all lined up in a train and made a "parade" walking through the mall.

But not just any parade.

We were strutting. Strutting in a big line down the mall, in and out of stores. Now, the best part of this train, is that every time the leader would count "1, 2, 3!" We'd all stomp simultaneously and call some major attention to our parade of people.

We got tons of smiles, many weird looks, and even 3 girls who decided to join us to tag along until they got to their next store. It was a very very entertaining time, and I think the people around us enjoyed it as much as we did. I absolutely LIVE for this type of thing. It just makes my week.

Another cool thing we ended up doing, this one being my idea, was to pose with the mannequins in store windows. So, we got into a store and did just that. We all took up a pose along side the mannequins and tried real hard not to burst out laughing as the people outside the windows did double takes.

We got quite a few smiles and laughs from that as well.

After awhile of standing in the windows, certain people would just stop and look at us. We then decided, on the count of three, to just break out dancing.

We did so, and got even more laughs. And a strange look from the manager, so we booked it.

After that, the rest of the trip was quite normal. I bought my suspenders, a lightsaber (Max and Abby bought it for me. I love you people.), my flip up glasses, and other amazing items (including some Caribou, paid for by Chris. THANK YOU!!) and we headed out.

... And had a mini kick line outside the mall.

THEN we actually left. It was a fabulous day. I don't think I'll forget it. Thanks CCC. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Peace to yo muthuh.

If I became a hippie, would you judge me? But would I be fit to be a hippie? Fit in with the hippies?

I like to eat meat. So I don't think this works.

I also care about what people think about me.

I don't do drugs.

I like psychedelic stuff though!

And lava lamps.

I'm really good at looking like a hippie.

But I don't think I can be as chill as them.


What about a punk? Scene person? Emo?

I like the clothing.

The hair...


But it doesn't fit my personality.

That much.

And I like variety.

How about a prep?

... Just no.


I like the beanie thing.

Cool shirts.

Don't have to worry about appearance.

But I don't work on anything...

I like to be clean.

And again, variety.

And I need colors.

I think I'll just stick to what I am.

All of the above, but in my own style.