Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm now in school.


No. I don't enjoy getting up early and spending multiple hours staring at teachers talking in monotone next to 30 classmates who's immaturity varies from extremely immature to HUHUH HE SAID DICK.

I hope you understand my position.

Either way, that's why my posts haven't been posted yet. I'm working on three posts but haven't had the time / energy to finish them. *sigh* But I will. Someday...

Meh. Anyways, I wanted to do a quick post about something I think I'm deciding...

Imma just stop trying.

... To impress, that is. I'm sick of spending time to look as close to perfect and normal as I can make myself look, sick of adjusting my style or taste to those around me, sick of getting stressed when I think that one boy probably doesn't really like me. Figuratively, of course.


What I'm trying to say, is that was me last year. And this year, I just really don't give a rip! XD Imma have fun and be crazy like I was all summer.

I'll wear an extremely different style everyday if I want to.
I'll belt my darn heart out in choir and not even glance when the other girls stare at me.
I'll belt out my own compositions on the choir piano in free time.
And not stop if people listen in. Iwillnotbenervouswhenpeoplehearmymusic.Iwillnot!
I'll skip down the fricken hallways with my CCC friends, darn it!
I'll continue to care about every single person I meet.
I'll stop swearing for my own reasons and I'll brush off those who laugh at me when I correct myself. "Oh shit... I mean shoot." "... Wtf haha." "Grumblegrumble."
I'll actually do well in class this year.
I'll happily draw extravagant drawings in class with a cool quote along with it and not get annoyed with the guy next to me who'll go "...WHATS THAT UHUHUH."
I won't give a *darn* when I feel like someones ignoring me. I'll just message them once and let them either reply in their own time, or not at all.
Imma just have fun.

You get my point. I'm gonna have a mostly carefree year. Hope yours is good too. Luls.


  1. I've tried fitting in. Didn't work for me. Living at the fringes is more interesting. Fun too.

  2. Good for you, Sotepop! Don't stop taking care of yourself, but don't do it to impress people! Do if all for yourself!

    -French Bean

  3. Fickle Cattle: To a point, yes.

    French Bean: Thankyou! I plan to continue making myself look as good as I can, but because I want to. So yes, exactly. :)

  4. I second the French Bean. :)

    Besides, you are so much more YOU when you're acting crazy and having fun, and people can sense that you're happier so they wanna be around you. :D