Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shut Me Out.

"You got a problem with the way I think
I got a problem with the way you think
You can program me Like a damned machine
So I'll take a stand, and say 'Fuck this scene.'"

"I'm sick of imagery instead of artistry
I'm sick of apathy instead of harmony
I'm sick of poets working part time jobs
While pissy people pick and choose the stars."

I wanted to make a post about Nevershoutnever's song Sellout because it seems to apply to me quite a bit lately.

Looking into my world right now, as well as the world in general, it seems like the artists of the world are put down... put away for being their own people. For being different.

My dad tells me I have to fit in to get somewhere. To get a good job.

Well, his definition of a "good" job is something that makes you a lot of money.

My definition... is more so something that makes you happy.

You could spend your life making millions off of something you can do well, but not the something you want to spend your life doing.

Or... You could do something that doesn't get you too much dough, but makes you happier than you ever imagined.

Maybe I don't want to fit in.

The way I picture the world to become... is something like robots.

People all have to fit in and be the same. Work fancy jobs day after day, and not do something they love.

People shut out the deeper people, and those who try and be different.

People shut out those who feel. Those who care a whole lot. Those who think just a little differently.

I'm one of those people. So shut me out.

I'll make my way back in.

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