Friday, September 3, 2010

1, 2, 3, Stomp!

Things I Wanna Do In The Next Year Or Two:

- Make a successful YouTube channel with lots of viewers, like Michell Davis at LiveLavaLive!
- Make a successful blog with lots of readers. :)
- Make a successful photography business, if not just taking and editing pictures for friends for senior pics or whoever/whatever for a small charge.

- More things, like the things my friends and I did today. **Will write about later in post.*
- Dress up crazier.
- Finish my songs.
- Preform at the Garage.
- Be in a legit band.
- Get a lead in a musical, and rock it.
- Learn the guitar down pat.
- Learn more about the piano.
- Be perfectly happy with how I look.
- Have good grades.
- Know myself.
- Become closer to Jesus. :)
- Master my new lightsaber! :D (Or, technically, "Sonic Saber" ... THIS ONE LIGHTS UP RAINBOW!)
- Bake cookies to say thanks to the CCC.
- Finish things I start, as to not become like somebody in my family.
- Get better at organization.
- Design an amazing room for my room at my dads house.



So the things my friends and I did... Well, it's a great story, but difficult to explain.

Basically, mall trip! But not your ordinary.

Well, it started that way but... obviously didn't end that way. Though, that's to be expected with the CCC.

SO! We all came in 2 separate cars and met up at the Sushi place. ("We," consisting of Max, Grace, Abby, Derrick, Chris, Garritt, Sabrina, and Bridget. Oh and me.) Immediately, we turn it into a massive game of 'The Floor is Lava" and start jumping from tile to tile, making sure only to step on the blue ones. This was only the start of our adventures.

We started walking around the mall. I don't know how it got started, but apparently just walking wasn't good enough... We all lined up in a train and made a "parade" walking through the mall.

But not just any parade.

We were strutting. Strutting in a big line down the mall, in and out of stores. Now, the best part of this train, is that every time the leader would count "1, 2, 3!" We'd all stomp simultaneously and call some major attention to our parade of people.

We got tons of smiles, many weird looks, and even 3 girls who decided to join us to tag along until they got to their next store. It was a very very entertaining time, and I think the people around us enjoyed it as much as we did. I absolutely LIVE for this type of thing. It just makes my week.

Another cool thing we ended up doing, this one being my idea, was to pose with the mannequins in store windows. So, we got into a store and did just that. We all took up a pose along side the mannequins and tried real hard not to burst out laughing as the people outside the windows did double takes.

We got quite a few smiles and laughs from that as well.

After awhile of standing in the windows, certain people would just stop and look at us. We then decided, on the count of three, to just break out dancing.

We did so, and got even more laughs. And a strange look from the manager, so we booked it.

After that, the rest of the trip was quite normal. I bought my suspenders, a lightsaber (Max and Abby bought it for me. I love you people.), my flip up glasses, and other amazing items (including some Caribou, paid for by Chris. THANK YOU!!) and we headed out.

... And had a mini kick line outside the mall.

THEN we actually left. It was a fabulous day. I don't think I'll forget it. Thanks CCC. :)

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