Monday, December 17, 2012

Farewell To a Blog

Hello to anyone who still follows this blog.

I really appreciate that you've stuck around despite my absence for a very long time. I'm extremely happy you've enjoyed my writing enough to add me on your list of "to-read's". That being said, I feel like I owe you an update on my current life, and also a farewell, as I don't plan to come back to this blog anymore.

First of all, looking back on these posts has been very enlightening for me. I realized how very far I've come since I last wrote, and how better of a person I really am. Because honestly, I was a bit pathetic. Though I suppose that's pre-teen/early teen for you... Right? Reading through the last couple posts, I realized how much of this was a diary of my getting over a specific relationship in my life, mixed around with other goings-on. I guess this was beneficial, seeing as I read them and laughed, instead of how reacting how I would have back then. (By crying.)

So, yes. I have finally gotten over this past relationship. Woohoo, victory! Triumph! Part of it was really realizing that the memories would always be there, but that that was a positive thing. And I'm really at piece with it. It's nice.

So there's that. 

So update! I'm currently happily 2 years into my relationship with Mark, who just turned 19 today, and I will be turning 18 in February. I'm nearing the middle of my senior year in high school, and things are going quite well. My grades which suffered in the past (fun fact, turns out I have a sort of [undiagnosed] anxiety and OCD that really hindered my academic performance. So if you remember my ranting about terrible grades and low self-esteem, there you go. Big part of it. Thankfully, I have overcome this and my grades...) are now fabulous (mostly A's and a couple high B's), and I'm still participating in theatre (last musical I was a granny), choir (I'm in the big one now, what up [also acapella]), and robotics (core team, bitches). Ironically, I'm the team blogger. Thank you,! I'm happily at the school I want to be at (if you remember my issues on that note) and have many fantastic friends around me. I also get along better with my parents, though I'll admit I'm still excited to move out for college.

I've learned a lot, and actually most of my conquering was because of my robotics program I'm involve in. I learned what potential I had, and how to separate emotions from work. I didn't do my homework before, because I associated it with parent divorce, loss of loved ones, moving, friend betrayal, etc. Thanks to my team and to my lovely boyfriend for leading me out of a tunnel.

I can also say I'm LOADS more confident that I was before, though I am still human, and have a lot of work to do before I'll be where I want to be.

Hmm what else. Oh! My photography business is booming, I can drive like a normal human being, I'm all responsible and shit, and I still know how to have a kick-ass time with my friends. If you're wondering who that consists of, they're a group of alumni robotics kids in college who I spent my junior year and last summer with, who I became really close to (we play Halo and Magic together like nerds), and also my best friend since 6th grade "Anasta", another best friend from Lakeville, Grace, who is also now in college, a mix of awesome kids at my high school, and miscellaneous other friends who I can't categorize so much. But yeah I spend most my time with those listed, and also (obviously) my boyfriend Mark. 

Other random facts: I started a YouTube channel (so I'm now VLOGGING. Ho ho ho.), I'm making music, I enjoy meditation and yoga, I love video games and nerdy things (and I'm a brony. So.), I live somewhere new but I like it, I wear glasses (don't remember if you were around when that happened), I still write stuff, I still piano and guitar and sing, and I'm still as crazy as ever, but I guess I channel it differently.

I'm not sure what else to tell you! Besides thank you for being here all this time. I appreciate having someone on the receiving end of all my dramatic emotional whatever's. 

Anyway, thank you again for sticking around. I officially retire this blog! It's been fun. :) I wish you all wonderful lives and positive perspectives. Thank you for sharing this with me.

If you'd like to contact me for any reason, even to say hi, feel welcomed to email me at It's an old email, but I still check it. Thanks. :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

And With That...

I was correct to think that talking to you would get me in a writing mood. You always seem to bring out the best worst emotions in me.

Honestly, maybe this is good. The fact that our little chats always go so terribly. Maybe this feeling of "I don't want to talk to you anymore" will stick and I'll actually stop talking to you. Wouldn't that be wonderful... If I could actually finally hit reality that you're not who I thought you were and just move the fuck on?

I mean its not like you're all I think about. You're just all I think about when I have nothing better to think about, and my bad thoughts creep it. All the negatives. You're part of that now, when you used to be the positive.

But lets not get stuck on this again. Who you used to be. That's what gives me hope, what makes me talk to you again. Why can't I just take a sledge hammer to that hope, and stop hanging on to it?

Maybe the hope of "maybe once we're middle-aged and married we'll re-connect and be jolly good friends" should replace "maybe once we're both in the end of college we'll re-connect and be awesome good friends again and he'll totally wish he never gave me up and he'll want to date me but I'll say no".

I don't know why I sometimes want that. He's honestly a jerk. But I'm still stuck on the fact that we used to be so close. Or so I thought.

I honestly am extremely happy with what I have. So I really want to just get rid of this negative want that I don't want but can't seem to stop wanting.

But still I miss it. STOP IT KAYLA. The fun innocent early high school summers... FUUU YOU'RE DOING IT AGAIN.

This is my problem.

Alright, YOU KNOW WHAT? I don't want him anymore. He's mean. I'll just have once last little "hope all is well :)" conversation with him to leave off everything happy, and then that's it. No more him. Done. If there's gonna be conversations, it'll be him starting it and me finishing it.

There's no more hope for us but waaaaaay into the future, maybe we'll say hello again, and you'll be nice again. But that's it. Just hello, and nothing more behind it.

I don't want you anymore.

And with that, once door closing opened many wonderful new doors all over the world. And things we're awesome.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Because of.

I can't believe those pictures still make me cry.

It's not something that makes sense. It's not something that ever did. But I also suppose, it's not something that has to.

You we awkward. I liked that about you. I don't know why I did, but I did. You were intriguing, with your unique music sense and poetry writing. Being extremely intelligent, you had skipped a grade. But in all reality, you were only one year older than me. I only really hung around people older than me, so it made sense there.
When we were first texting, I remember a time during the summer where I was bored. I kind of hinted at hanging out with you, and you awkwardly mentioned you didn't know me well enough to come over. I hadn't hinted at it for you to come over. Only to show you that I enjoyed your presence.
I don't really remember how we did start to hangout outside the group. I think it was because we were constantly texting. Maybe it was through that, we realized you were just down the street from me.
I don't really remember what we did when we started to hang out, I only remember later on, as we became good friends. You brought me fudge once. It was delicious. I remember that. I was dating another guy at the time when we were first hanging out. I'd always bring you along to certain things. You were a fantastic friend.
I remember when that guy dumped me, and started to write mean things to me. I read one of his terrible messages while you were on your way over. I remember hearing the doorbell as my terrified eyes shifted from the computer screen to my door. I walked stone-faced to answer the door, barely looked at you in motioning you to follow, then broke down in sobs as I pushed the computer over to you to read. You read it, grimaced, and came over to comfort me, wrapped up in a ball, sitting on my bed. I don't remember what you did, but you made me feel okay after a terrible breakup. With this, you started becoming my best friend.
I remember the day you told me your biggest secret. And still I'd never tell a soul to this day, even though you did hurt me. We were sitting on my bed, well, me on the footrest, you on the mattress. I don't know how it came up, but I remember the sun outside, it was summer. I remember your tears, the feeling of wanting to reach out and hold you, tell you it's okay. I remember you telling the story, painfully, without making eye contact with me. Staring down. I looked at you with sympathy, wishing I could comfort you, tell you it's no so bad, tell you how much I appreciate you. I remember your look of horror, re-living a moment in your life that scared you the greatest, made you feel nervous in your own home. I wanted so badly to come to your house and protect you, or something.
We started telling each other everything. And we really did tell each other everything. We became so very close... And thus grew a very obvious attraction between us, neither of us could admit. My mom told me not to be more than friends with you, don't ruin it like what happened with the last guy. So I told her I wouldn't. You were my best friend, that's it, at least for now. We're young, lets leave it here for now, right?
We went to homecoming together as friends. Just as friends, though we knew we were in very strong like. Our friends teased us for being cuddly, they could see our attraction to each other as well. This made you get the courage to admit it to me. But we'll get to that later. Homecoming was so much fun with our group, it was my first dance and the gang made it special. I also remember awkwardly meeting eyes as the slow song came on, and you took my hand for a dance. Neither of us really knew what we were doing. None the less, there was almost electricity forming between us, as we held each other and moved back and fourth to dance. I remember my face being so close to yours, and how you looked at me. I was scared to death that you'd kiss me. Though I knew I wanted you to, there was no way I would've been brave enough then.
After the dance, we were even more cuddly. We cuddled all the time. I remember that time on my couch, when we were watching a movie, and by force of habit I put my legs over yours. I moved them away and awkwardly apologized, but you shook your head and moved them back on to you. I remember how wonderful that felt. How wonderful it felt every time we cuddled. Sometimes on your couch, my couch, my bed, your bed. Always innocent cuddling. That was it. I remember once, on your bed, we were cuddling and playing Disney songs on your oh-so-precious iPod. I remember tensing up as "Kiss the Girl" came on, secretly wishing you'd follow the songs advice. You never knew that. I kind of wish you did.
As time went on, you did indeed get brave enough to tell me you liked me. I don't remember how the conversation went down, but I remember being in my basement, in the computer room which is now my room and the room I'm typing this in. I remember shaking, predicting what you were about to admit. Then you did, and I admitted it back. We both kind of sat there in giggly-ness for a little, until you asked if we should actually start dating. This is where my heart sank a little, as I forced myself to tell you I wasn't ready. It was just too soon yet, I was still shaky after the last guy, who was indeed my first guy. You said it was okay we stayed best friends, and I said maybe we can date in the future. I think you got too excited about this, as I think you assumed "the future" would be within the next few weeks.
After awhile, you started hinting at another girl. You obviously liked her, she showed interest in you. This made me angry at her, couldn't she see she was tearing us apart? Either way, with heavy heart I told him I didn't want to hold him back. I wasn't ready for a relationship, and maybe we could be together in the future, right?
He started hanging around her a lot. He still saw me, until one terrible night... I was getting increasingly emotional because of the turn of events in my life, my parents were divorcing right after my grandma died, my ex-boyfriend was still harassing me online, a couple of my good friends turned against me, and it was too much for my soft heart to handle. So, on a walk to BK one night, I broke down on a simple decision. To you, it looked like me unable to decide whether or not to go to Burger King or not. But to me, it was deciding whether or not to stop at my house to get money, where my dad could be awaiting to see me walking alone with a boy. With this, he'd get angry at my mom for allowing this, and then my mom would get upset at me for passing off my dad. As the scene unfolded in my head, I broke down crying and you got frustrated, waiting for me to make a decision. When I finally chose to go back to his house, we chatted upstairs away from your brothers, and you asked me to just let it go, after my several attempts to get you to understand. So I did. Though in my heart I felt unsettled.
We were never the same after that. You picked me apart, told me every little thing I needed to fix, etc. Then I remember the day you told me you decided to start dating her. I was on my way to school when I got your text. I remember texting back "Okay." and biting my tongue as hard as I could to keep from crying. I also remember stabbing my finger with my pencil in first hour, willing myself to wait to break down, so I could just get to my friends. These scenes and emotions are triggered vividly in my mind, where I feel I'll keep them for quite awhile still.
After this we didn't talk for a long time. We talked to others about each other... Me bursting with emotion, you appearing more cold. Seeing the pictures of you and her killed me. You went to homecoming together. A picture of you kissing her came up, and I remember immediately bursting into tears. It was the same with the picture of you napping with each other, cuddling so close. I remember finally getting the courage to message you, only to have you reply with "We're not best friends anymore." I died that day. Or so I thought. I ran up to my mother, crying so hard and choking out the words. I don't think you knew how much I loved you. It hurt more, because we told each other we loved each other, and I believed you and meant it with all my heart... But I don't think you meant it in the way I did.
We talk every once in awhile now. But you're not you. Over the year or so we stopped talking, you became someone else. You became a guy who was obsessed with how he appeared. You became hipster. You became a social chameleon, and now you have tons of friends who you keep on the surface, because I don't think anyone really knows the real you anymore. I don't even believe you do.
You talk to me as if we never were. As if you never met me. And I've wanted to stop resisting and tell you I miss you so many times but I can't. You're not even you! In the slightest!
I found out later what you used to say about me. It was almost as if saying all those things that were wrong about me was your way of be-ridding yourself of me, so you could move on to someone else. You don't like all the heavy emotions, I guess. Maybe that's why you became what you are now, the social chameleon. It breaks my heart.
But the thing that bothers me now, is that those damn pictures can still make me cry like they did back when I loved you. I don't like you anymore, I don't want to be around who you are now, but I still miss that awkward guy who I danced with years ago. I want him back. I want to be his friend. But I don't know why.

It's not something that makes sense. It's not something that ever did. But I also suppose, it's not something that has to.

This is why I consider you my first love. The one I don't think I'll ever truly get over. Because of our times together. Because of how I loved you. Because I still cry over it every now and then, even though I don't like you. Because of how I wish you were still you. Because of how many times I wish I could call you up and tell you I miss you. Because of how I won't. Because of how you're the subject of my best written songs. Because I'm able to write this.

Contrary to how this sounds, I am moved on. I have a wonderful guy whom I love, more than I've ever loved anyone, including you. I have great best friends who are always there for me. I am me.
But me, still misses the old you. And that's the part of you that's embedded in my heart.
I don't hate you. I want the best for you. I want to thank you for giving me good enough and bad enough times that I remember them so vividly. I learned a lot from you, my character is changed because of you. And this is where I leave you.

As a vividly intense memory, my first love, my old best friend.

Maybe someday we'll be friends again. Maybe someday you'll be you again. Maybe someday, we'll again talk, and maybe someday you'll see this. Or maybe I'll just tell you.

And that's good enough for me. Here you go, fate, the rest is yours.

For now, I'm sleeping. Goodnight, blog, memories, emotions. Until next time. I've got the rest of my life tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Love This Feeling

I love this feeling.

Shaking uncontrollably from nervousness while giving out compliments. Reading the replies and feeling the positive vibes radiate through the text.

Standing strong through the pain. Showing people who I really am.

Getting back to what I love. Becoming me again.

Letting go of what was. Moving on to what is and what will be.

I found me today. I don't know how, but I'm too excited to be bugged down with the details. I'm back, baby. And I'm staying for good.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just Kidding.

Nobody read my last rant anyways. So, I dub this a safe place to vent all of my frustrations! *woo*

I realized today (in a however-many-hours-long crying-fit for two) that I have much bigger problems that what my last post was about. Fuck the last post. This matters so much more.

Just kidding, I can't actually write about this with a good conscience, since it involves the love of my life.

So I un-dub this a safe place to rant. Just in case. Bye, ranting on this blog.

This blog will hopefully get better.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Could End Up Regretting This (5am Emotions GodHelpUs)

I find it interesting... That my biggest inspiration is still my (seemingly) biggest pain. But not that unbearable-I-refuse-to-think-about-it pain, but the I-still-torture-myself-thinking-about-it pain that I still can't seem to get over. But... Maybe this is one of those things you just never get over.

I'm talking about a first love.


Every once in awhile, usually when all seems dandy for the few seconds it ever does, that's when he comes back into my head. What the fuck this isn't supposed to still happen! This is long gone!

Except not really.

I guess... It's because it's how I feel the most. Well, the things that make me feel the most are love, music, art, and love.

Mostly love.

Basically, positive or negative, love is what gets me to feel. And I love feeling.

But all the same, I don't love loving to feel that heartache that came with my first love.

But Kayla, how can you love heartache?
I don't love the heartache, I love what it used to be. I loved what it was until the heartbreak, and that's what makes it so apparent.
But Kayla, aren't you happy with your love life now?
Absolutely. But one of the past still sticks with me.
Do you still love him? The first love guy?
No, but I still have love for who he used to be, who I thought he was. But my heart belongs to my current boyfriend and love of my life, Mark.
Well, then why does this bother you?
Because a chunk of that heart is gone because of the first love.

Anyways, I don't know what to do about it. I want to move on, but part of me hasn't left it yet. There really was no type of "closure" and there's an unsettled type of feeling.

Some of my friends tell me to write him a letter, getting out all I need to get out.

Some say to just forget about it.

Granted, that's not really happening.

I don't really think anyone gets how it still bothers me, and I think I'd like to leave it that way. Not sure I'm even comfortable with those who have access to this blog to be reading it. I don't like to think it could be taken the wrong way. And I don't like to admit this type of thing, but it's been on my chest a lot lately.

And I don't know what to do.

Oh my gosh, I don't know what to do. There's things I'm struggling to admit to myself in my mind that there's no way I could get out into text, but I'm scared that are true.

But the thing is he's a total jackass now! HOW AM I STILL LIKE THIS!?

I need help with this. I need advice. I need girl talk kind of advice. But I don't know if this is just another late night spurt that will wither away into tomorrow, and I'll once again tell myself that it's no biggie, just a burst of emotion.

But it's how I feel in this burst that is constant, and worrying.


Fucking emotions.

Maybe I'll post this just because. Just so the world can know it's real. But if half the people I knew read this, I'd want to shoot myself. Gah.

In this post, I've already admitted a lot of things I haven't. Like even accepting that he was my first love. *twitch*

I need a girls night to just sit down and settle this bullshit out, just so my oh-shit-it's-5am nights don't end up like this each time. Just... Get out all the left over emotions and decide what I need to do, and do what I need to do.

Also if you know me at all, you'd know I'm a late nighter. So this must happen.

Huahh. I should probably sleep now... Hope you enjoyed a blur of 5am teenage emotion.


Thursday, August 18, 2011


You can't say "I'm not a jealous person." until you've been given reason to be, and overcome it.

[This is from a friends perspective that I decided to write about.]

I always was a person who didn't get why people were so concerned over whether or not their partner was cheating or going to cheat. I figured, if they were cheating, they're not who you thought they were, so then get rid of the jerk! And relationships are about trust. So, just make sure you don't trust the person until you're 100% sure.
It was only until recently that I thought myself to be jealousy-free. I've never had a real threat. And I figured if I got one, it'd be easy. No big deal, my partner would never do anything to hurt me, whether that's cheating or straight-up dumping me for another.
Then I actually got one. Someone likes him, and want's us to break up. I've never had this happen, especially not because she generally really values him. It would be less scary, if I didn't think she actually liked him, or if she would be terrible for him. But... Frankly... She's a good person. She would never actually do anything to break us up. But the fact that she does like him and she is a good person... Scares me.
It would be different if I wasn't completely in love with him. It would also be different if I thought I deserved him more. Also... That he loves me as well.

I now know from talking to him and observing that he'd never do anything to break my heart, but I still get scared, I still get jealous... As my heart is indeed in his hands, and is very fragile.
I thought this sort of thing would be easy. If anything actually happened, well, at least you know he's not the one, and you can get rid of him.
But it's not that simple. He's got my heart. It would destroy me if it did happen.
So now I get it. I understand why people get jealous. I understand why people get so scared that their partner might leave them for another or cheat. If it's not from pervious experience, it's because you're scared the one you love will leave you.

I've learned another thing through this too.
He'd never do it. He loves me and I love him. And in order for the relationship to function properly, I have to trust that he'd never break my heart, and just love him with all I am.

I love you, dear. And I understand why she wants you. But I want you more, and you want me too.
That's why we have each other.