Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wake up?

So I stayed up until 7am and slept until 4pm.

It was an interesting sleepover. I enjoyed the day previous to the sleepover part, for it was filled with the CCC and all our craziness... it was Abby's birthday party. It started with me getting there a bit late, and coming in to them attacking me with hugs... all wearing dresses. Minus the guys. I was unhappy about the fact that dresses were a last minute decision, for I love dressing up. Anyways, we all went on an adventure and eventually met up again and had a bonfire. After almost getting attacked by a coyote (or so we thought,) they gave Abby her presents. One of them... was a joke bought from Spencers. If you know what Spencers is... then you'd get why this present was a big source of entertainment from a group of juniors (and one sophomore... me.) ANYWAYS. After the guys went home, it got interesting.

The majority of the sleepover was spent playing on Omegle. (I would suggest to never go on Omegle.) I didn't like it... but I didn't say anything. Some stuff I wasn't happy with happened and I spent a little while being anti-social because of it. And that's as far as I'll go with that. (Awh. You're prolly thinking it's worse than it is. Don't worry.)

Anyways, Abby decided to come and interrupt my antisocial party. Thank you. She agreed with my point of view on Omegle and we ended up having a deep chat in another room which ended with us calling her friend and asking ridiculous questions, both of us laughing our asses off. (It was maybe like 4 in the morning at this point, thus the questions didn't make much sense.) It was awesome.

Later, the other girls called us in, because they discovered a really awesome guy over webchat. (It sounds unsafe, but even me, who by the way, disguised myself so I wouldn't be identified, approved of this guy.) We chatted until like 7 in the morning. We were all sad when it came time to go, but Bookie added him on Facebook.

We then slept until 4.

When I woke up, Grace and I made our summer bucket list and planned on a jam session the next day.

Today is still that current day, and the rest of my day consisted of going to youth group and then out to Applebees afterwards. :) My church is always entertaining.


It's all I thought of.

What if... it never really was. If all it was... wasn't. If it was just easier said than done... Then when it was done it was over.


But if it's not done, it always was and still is... then what? Will it ever again be brought forth? Or just thrust back into the unknown? To forever be fading into being done... as if it never was...

What it was, was looked at differently, and in the wrong way... when two thought it was one. Or, just one thought it was one...

But maybe it was the two thought it was one, but the one was broken into two.

All I know is... right now, it's through.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Believe and be a Hippie

So, coming up I'm gonna get together with a few friends and acquaintances to "jam," or to play music together. I sing and play guitar (piano might come in handy later) and we have another guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer. We're going to see how we sound together on thursday and talk about some songs to do and whatnot. My friend Grace, the bassist, suggested a song with 2 guitar parts. I'd be learning the 2nd guitar part. Thus, I thought I better brush up in my guitar, since it's been awhile.

Well I'd been wanting to learn a new song for some time... and so I looked around on my Youtube account and found the song Believe, by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Since it was in the key of E, and that's all I can play in so far, I figured I'd learn it. And the fact that I LOVE IT is a bonus as well.

(Random thought: Why can't "as well" be one word? It should be "aswell." I like that better.)

So I ended up learning the song, even though the stupid Bm chord gave me trouble for awhile. But I got it, and now I'm really excited. My fingers are happily getting callused again. :D

It's been awhile since I've been able to play a full song on guitar... and I can honestly say that I forgot how amazing it feels. I'm like... inspired. It's great. :)

So on to another thing I've been into lately... unique fashion. I've been on Lookbook a lot lately to scope out some new looks, and I totally want to try 'em out. I don't care if they end up looking stupid. I can make stupid look gooood. I just want to have fun with it, ya know? But preferably with friends. So here's what I wanna do:
I wanna get a bunch of friends and their outfits and just do a major photo shoot! Just for the heck of it. Dress up hippie style, 80's style (my fave), vintage style, etc, etc. And then just go crazy and take pictures. Oh, and don't forget the makeup. That's my thing. :)

So that's about it for now. If you want a picture of what I'm doing and what my day was like:
My mom decided to make me clean my room (Now I can see the floor! I need to vacuum...) And then I went to my church's small groups (all the girls go to someone's house and have fun and chat about Jesus stuff.) It was awesome. We went to this beautiful house and she had a hot tub. (Awww yeeeah) And we chatted and played 10 fingers and ate nummy junk food. Then we went in and talked about the book of Ruth. (Girl power! Aww yeah!) It was quite entertaining actually, and really interesting.
Then I came home to my dad's house, where I learned the song. Now I'm currently typing this on my bed, with my beautiful and lovely electric Fender guitar sitting next to me. :D

'Till next time,
May your mother's cousin never be assaulted by Attila the Hun at the supermarket.

And... I'm out.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Clouded Heart

I've decided the best place to rant is over this blog for now. Maybe someone will relate.

I find I'm currently still in the midst of finding out who I am... how I am... what I am...

You see the point. Or so I hope.

I see myself experimenting all the time, without even really trying. For example, in the ways I type. It appears that I change the way I sound certain times, depending on my mood, I suppose.
"Right now I'm typing in a tone that could possibly be taken as maybe smarter or dignified... in my opinion at least."
"Now its like idk... typical teen-ish business. Ya know, the way I'm typing."
"Aww yeeeeah. Guess what this be n00beRRrr." (I don't type like this much at all.)
"Eh, not sure what I'd call this. But I use it sometimes when I'm chattin'." (Laid back??)

Anyway, I hope you get what I mean. That's only an example of how it feels like I'm trying to find... well me essentially.

It's even in the way I'm completely indecisive. My friends are always saying that to decide things I should "follow my heart" or "do what I feel inside." ... I never know what I feel inside when it comes to decisions. For example, I was trying to decide what school to go to next year. It was (and still is) a big decision for me, since I feel you always look back on your high school years and memories. They told me to follow my heart... but no matter how hard I tried to listen to my heart or whatever I can't decide... or I decide and then change my mind. Then decide and change my mind again. And again.

So I'm not sure what to do. It's as if I'm looking into my heart, and the outer covering is glass. Someone or something on the inside is constantly fogging up the glass so I can't see or feel what's in its contents. If that makes any sense at all.

Thus, I find people frustrated with me when I have them try and help me decide things... or even when I just think about it. Please, won't you just bear with me? I would for you.

All I know, is I'm tired of waiting for things to happen. Playing by ear. I want to make my own decisions, make my own life happen. But I'm stuck with this clouded heart thing. Ooh! Song inspiration! I need to figure this out. But until then... what shall I do?

Friday, June 25, 2010

I am currently eating a banana.

*Om nom nom*

So to catch up...

(Inner thoughts: Holy crap... I have a habit of looking up at the ceiling randomly...)

Ehrm. Anyways.

(Inner thoughts: Oh my. I've resulted to looking to blogger for my schedule.)

*Cough* So yesterday I was at a beach with the CCC (Comfy Couch Club) and we had a bitchin' time, legit. I am thoroughly sore from tubing and the many interesting goings-on there. After the beach we came back to do a bonfire, but I ended up breaking off with a couple other good friends and walking over to pick up some stuff. After several in-sync walkings and nose kisses later (don't ask) we came back to hear of torches and explosions during the bonfire. Typical. :)

After all the hubbub, Mario Cart, Bruce Almighty, and extreme rock-paper-scissors (owie!) was over, the girls stayed over and played around on Omegle until I decided to (try to) sleep. I was drifting off until I heard "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO NAME YOUR SIMS DOG?" Gahhhh. I don't CARE if you want to name the dog chicken! SHUTUP. Oyy.

Then I woke up and we ate breakfast. And chocolate.

Later on that day...

I ended up going to karaoke with my cousin and mother. Hah it was a blast. Haven't done it in forever.

Yeah I guess that's it. My enthusiasm for this post is dying fas...

(This should help.)

Oh the contradictory.

DON'T make fun of the freekin' style people sing! I don't care if you don't like it! GAH!

Some are like: "Ahhhhh"
Others are like: "Ahhhhahahahhhh"
And my favorite is like: "Ahhhyyyayyyayyyayy!"

Anyway, don't be that guy (or girl) who hears a singer sing with style in their voice and immediately does a CHEESY AND RUDE impression of said singer. Example:

Singer: I believe in todaaaayyyyyyayyyayyayyayaaaaa!
Random rude guy: Psh! Psht! Hah! "TODAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYYAYYAYYA!" Hahaha I'ma douche!

You get my point.

OKAY, I do see the point when it's absolutely ridiculous or something and you just can't resist...

Singer: It's the cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeyaaahhieeeeeahhhhAHHEYYYAYYAayyayyayaaamb-uh!"

I'm not a hypocrite.

I just realized, with this post, that butchering songs with ridiculous and very obnoxious impressions is both entertaining and irresistible... and can be rude. Point made, and contradicted. I'm calling this a productive day.

(Note: The songs were the only (in my opinion) obnoxious songs with long, held-out notes I could think of at the very moment. These are not-at-all my style of music.)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yesterday and today, I must catch up on.

So yesterday I was at my grandpa's to clean out some stuff over there. Yeah, that's about all I gotta say about that. OH! I made my grandpa a birthday card with eagles on it. He loves eagles. :)

Today I went to my youth group. I freekin' love my youth group. Why? Well because everyone there is amazing, it's fun, I love Jesus, and it's where I connect with him best. (And I think I get to be in the worship band coming up soon!) Anyway, they're doing this "My Life" series where certain teens out of the group make videos talking about their life. I might do it. It seems a bit nerve-wracking... they play it in front of the youth group. But I think it would be a really cool thing to do. So maybe.

Tomorrow I get to go to a beach/bonfire/sleepover with my CCC. (Comfy Couch Club. Group of friends. Long story.) And I'm SUPER excited because with them, I always have a crazy-ass time and its always fun. I shall blog about it at some point after.

This week's gonna be crazy though. Tomorrow I got the beach thing, friday I'm going to a musical with some friends in it, Saturday I got a grad party, Sunday is church and some other stuff. Phew! I love being busy. But I'll see if I'll get blog time.

'Till then, May bad luck always be at your heels, but never catch you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well... me, I guess.

Hey. I'm Kayla, and I am gonna change the world.

I am a singer.
Singing has been something I've loved since I was little. I feel its a way to express, and it's a beautiful, passionate, and personal thing. I love to do competitions and I love to sing for fun. I also love doing karaoke and singing along to the radio. I've been in several choirs, a couple being professional, and I love love love choir. <3>

I am a songwriter.
I write songs, poems, stories, and other random things. I feel the lyrics should speak for themselves, so this is all I'm gonna write here. No, I will not post anything I write for fear of stealing.

I am an actress.
It's like interpreting someone else on stage, but with your own take on it. You're own way of showing it... feeling it. You get to be someone else for a little while.

I play guitar and piano.
I'm just learning guitar, looking for a teacher. I know how to play piano pretty well. I can't look at a piece and play it, but it you give me time I'll get it down pat.

I care so much about my friends, and people in general.
Music is my life, but I'd give my life to help a person. 'Nuff said?

Am I? I don't know yet.

I love Jesus.
Ask me about my passion for God. Do it, I dare you.

I love to edit picture's and videos, as well as take them.
The pics you see on my blog are taken and edited by me.

I enjoy dancing...
Even though I can't.

I am crazy.
Heh. You'll find that out.


I used to be obsessed with Club Penguin.
John Mayer is crazy amazing.
I'm currently listening to Flyleaf.
I think too much.
I make the most entertaining Facebook statuses.
My room is super messy right now. It's more comfy that way, okay??
I enjoy fashion. It's fun!
I can throw together outfits that you wouldn't normally thing of wearing. (And they look damn good.)
I don't play sports or exercise.
I enjoy food.
No, I'm not fat. SHUT UP.
Haha, I'm kidding. About the shut up part.
I go to an amazing youth group and church.
I'm having a difficult time deciding what high school I want to go to next year.
I like to swim.
I'm slightly claustrophobic.
I like coloring with Oil Pastels.
I can't draw. :P
I like roses.
I'm a hopeless romantic. Like really.
I love horses.
I used to have a horse.
I love doing makeup.
I like all types of music. Except polka. Ick, polka.
I don't sleep. Much.
I used to sleep with "Kitty." She was a stuffed cat that my mom and my grandma gave me when I was in the hospital.
I hate t-shirts in the summer. Tank tops FTW!
I'm slightly a geek.
I enjoy video games. I'll pwn ju n00b! GTFO haxer!
I'll help anyone who needs help.

My dream...
Is to start out leading worship in a youth group and church, then go off and tour with other christian bands and artists, preform and possibly preach to teens everywhere... at camps, conventions, other churches, events, ect. Then when I'm done, come back to the original church again. Kind of like what my youth leaders, Rachel and Jordan, did. But a 'lil different.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Puppy Chow

I had a day full of extraordinary events! Katelyn came over with puppy chow and we watched incredibly cheesy movies. SPARKLES! We watched "My Super Sweet 16" and "Bratz." Hurrah! While watching "Bratz," we made awesome posters. Katelyn made a Paris themed one, and mine is on London. :D So yeah. Thats... about... it. Well this isn't a very eventful post. So...


#1. SNAFU = Situation normal, all f*cked up. (I just happened upon this acronym on Urban Dictionary today. I feel special.)

#2. I get major postmodem depression real quickly. Hopefully that should tame as summer keeps going.

#3. I just did my makeup all cool.

#4. OwwwIJustSatOnMyPencil!

#5. "London was beginning to illuminate herself against the night. Electric lights sizzled and jagged in the main thoroughfares, gas-lamps in the side streets glimmered a canary gold or green." - E.M Forster

#6. I drew something today. YES! Like with a pencil on paper! And it doesn't make my eyes bleed horrifically!

#7. I wish for my guitar to be tuned. But I'm scared my last string will break. :(

#8. London is incredibly pretty.

#9: Hats currently in my room: Grace's black fedora, my black floppy hat, Grace's green beret, my white beret.


Okay I'm wrapping up. And something I feel you should know: I'm wearing my cute bow headband I bought yesterday. <3 Until next time, I bid you adue, pip pip cherio, tallyhoo, and may your feet never fall off and grow back as cactuses.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

WOAH Kayla has a blog.

So this'd be my first post on my blog. This is an epic moment. Let's take it in. ... ... ... Okay so to start out, I better talk about my day.

Well, It started out with my friend Brittney over because the day previous we had had a sleepover. We woke up and she basically had to leave right away. Which sucked. But it's alright because we made epic videos the day before. THEN later Katelyn came over and we watched a couple videos then went to Target! I was graciously honored to happen to be the very first person Katelyn drove somewhere besides a family member. Even though she got honked at. But it's okay. They didn't see her license plate. XD When we got to Target, we trashed the place. ... No I'm kidding we shopped. We had come for the sole purposes of fedora's and toilet paper. Oh yeah, believe it. Awesome combo. What? You're wondering what the purpose of those were? Well I find I need no purpose but fine: I ran out of toilet paper and fedora's are just flippin' awesome. So anyways, between the looking I found some other beastly things. They include: A Flyleaf CD (:D!) and a freekin' awesome hat, Buzz Lightyear socks, and a cute headband. I also wanted to buy window paint and fabric paint but noooo that'd go over $40. :P I did end up getting a frappicino too, though, so I'm perfectly happy. :) Before the frap and paint crisis, Katelyn and I had an epic lightsaber fight in the middle of an aisle in Target. After that we played with a bouncy ball and knocked over some toys and such then went to go grab the other stuff we needed. We then bought the stuff and walked back to her car, me holding a frap in one hand and toilet paper in the other.

Later on, after Katelyn set this blog up for me, I went to sing the national anthem at Raceway Park. It went decently well. I say alrighty, people seemed to enjoy it. Later on we got some food and watched my cousin race. Then disaster struck. As I was walking up the bleachers, I slipped and got my left foot caught between the bleachers, thus twisting it. I also scraped and hit my right calf on the wood bleacher, and its currently being iced and hopefully the swelling is going down... Icky.

So this is my day. Epic to not so much. I'm looking forward to movies and puppy chow with Katelyn tomorrow though. ::D