Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yesterday and today, I must catch up on.

So yesterday I was at my grandpa's to clean out some stuff over there. Yeah, that's about all I gotta say about that. OH! I made my grandpa a birthday card with eagles on it. He loves eagles. :)

Today I went to my youth group. I freekin' love my youth group. Why? Well because everyone there is amazing, it's fun, I love Jesus, and it's where I connect with him best. (And I think I get to be in the worship band coming up soon!) Anyway, they're doing this "My Life" series where certain teens out of the group make videos talking about their life. I might do it. It seems a bit nerve-wracking... they play it in front of the youth group. But I think it would be a really cool thing to do. So maybe.

Tomorrow I get to go to a beach/bonfire/sleepover with my CCC. (Comfy Couch Club. Group of friends. Long story.) And I'm SUPER excited because with them, I always have a crazy-ass time and its always fun. I shall blog about it at some point after.

This week's gonna be crazy though. Tomorrow I got the beach thing, friday I'm going to a musical with some friends in it, Saturday I got a grad party, Sunday is church and some other stuff. Phew! I love being busy. But I'll see if I'll get blog time.

'Till then, May bad luck always be at your heels, but never catch you.


  1. (*wave flags down and down-right) (*wave flags left and up-left) (*wave flags left and up-left) (*wave flags up and down) (*wave flags left and down) (*wave flags up-left and right) (*wave flags down and up-right)

  2. ... I don't get it.

    (Note: It is also currently 2 in the morning.)

  3. Attempt 2.

    *Points at "Random Links I Feel Are Vital To My Survival"*

  4. Yeah. I got it when I was reading through the Goodbyes. :P