Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well... me, I guess.

Hey. I'm Kayla, and I am gonna change the world.

I am a singer.
Singing has been something I've loved since I was little. I feel its a way to express, and it's a beautiful, passionate, and personal thing. I love to do competitions and I love to sing for fun. I also love doing karaoke and singing along to the radio. I've been in several choirs, a couple being professional, and I love love love choir. <3>

I am a songwriter.
I write songs, poems, stories, and other random things. I feel the lyrics should speak for themselves, so this is all I'm gonna write here. No, I will not post anything I write for fear of stealing.

I am an actress.
It's like interpreting someone else on stage, but with your own take on it. You're own way of showing it... feeling it. You get to be someone else for a little while.

I play guitar and piano.
I'm just learning guitar, looking for a teacher. I know how to play piano pretty well. I can't look at a piece and play it, but it you give me time I'll get it down pat.

I care so much about my friends, and people in general.
Music is my life, but I'd give my life to help a person. 'Nuff said?

Am I? I don't know yet.

I love Jesus.
Ask me about my passion for God. Do it, I dare you.

I love to edit picture's and videos, as well as take them.
The pics you see on my blog are taken and edited by me.

I enjoy dancing...
Even though I can't.

I am crazy.
Heh. You'll find that out.


I used to be obsessed with Club Penguin.
John Mayer is crazy amazing.
I'm currently listening to Flyleaf.
I think too much.
I make the most entertaining Facebook statuses.
My room is super messy right now. It's more comfy that way, okay??
I enjoy fashion. It's fun!
I can throw together outfits that you wouldn't normally thing of wearing. (And they look damn good.)
I don't play sports or exercise.
I enjoy food.
No, I'm not fat. SHUT UP.
Haha, I'm kidding. About the shut up part.
I go to an amazing youth group and church.
I'm having a difficult time deciding what high school I want to go to next year.
I like to swim.
I'm slightly claustrophobic.
I like coloring with Oil Pastels.
I can't draw. :P
I like roses.
I'm a hopeless romantic. Like really.
I love horses.
I used to have a horse.
I love doing makeup.
I like all types of music. Except polka. Ick, polka.
I don't sleep. Much.
I used to sleep with "Kitty." She was a stuffed cat that my mom and my grandma gave me when I was in the hospital.
I hate t-shirts in the summer. Tank tops FTW!
I'm slightly a geek.
I enjoy video games. I'll pwn ju n00b! GTFO haxer!
I'll help anyone who needs help.

My dream...
Is to start out leading worship in a youth group and church, then go off and tour with other christian bands and artists, preform and possibly preach to teens everywhere... at camps, conventions, other churches, events, ect. Then when I'm done, come back to the original church again. Kind of like what my youth leaders, Rachel and Jordan, did. But a 'lil different.

Thanks for reading.