Friday, June 25, 2010

I am currently eating a banana.

*Om nom nom*

So to catch up...

(Inner thoughts: Holy crap... I have a habit of looking up at the ceiling randomly...)

Ehrm. Anyways.

(Inner thoughts: Oh my. I've resulted to looking to blogger for my schedule.)

*Cough* So yesterday I was at a beach with the CCC (Comfy Couch Club) and we had a bitchin' time, legit. I am thoroughly sore from tubing and the many interesting goings-on there. After the beach we came back to do a bonfire, but I ended up breaking off with a couple other good friends and walking over to pick up some stuff. After several in-sync walkings and nose kisses later (don't ask) we came back to hear of torches and explosions during the bonfire. Typical. :)

After all the hubbub, Mario Cart, Bruce Almighty, and extreme rock-paper-scissors (owie!) was over, the girls stayed over and played around on Omegle until I decided to (try to) sleep. I was drifting off until I heard "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO NAME YOUR SIMS DOG?" Gahhhh. I don't CARE if you want to name the dog chicken! SHUTUP. Oyy.

Then I woke up and we ate breakfast. And chocolate.

Later on that day...

I ended up going to karaoke with my cousin and mother. Hah it was a blast. Haven't done it in forever.

Yeah I guess that's it. My enthusiasm for this post is dying fas...

(This should help.)