Monday, June 28, 2010

Believe and be a Hippie

So, coming up I'm gonna get together with a few friends and acquaintances to "jam," or to play music together. I sing and play guitar (piano might come in handy later) and we have another guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer. We're going to see how we sound together on thursday and talk about some songs to do and whatnot. My friend Grace, the bassist, suggested a song with 2 guitar parts. I'd be learning the 2nd guitar part. Thus, I thought I better brush up in my guitar, since it's been awhile.

Well I'd been wanting to learn a new song for some time... and so I looked around on my Youtube account and found the song Believe, by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Since it was in the key of E, and that's all I can play in so far, I figured I'd learn it. And the fact that I LOVE IT is a bonus as well.

(Random thought: Why can't "as well" be one word? It should be "aswell." I like that better.)

So I ended up learning the song, even though the stupid Bm chord gave me trouble for awhile. But I got it, and now I'm really excited. My fingers are happily getting callused again. :D

It's been awhile since I've been able to play a full song on guitar... and I can honestly say that I forgot how amazing it feels. I'm like... inspired. It's great. :)

So on to another thing I've been into lately... unique fashion. I've been on Lookbook a lot lately to scope out some new looks, and I totally want to try 'em out. I don't care if they end up looking stupid. I can make stupid look gooood. I just want to have fun with it, ya know? But preferably with friends. So here's what I wanna do:
I wanna get a bunch of friends and their outfits and just do a major photo shoot! Just for the heck of it. Dress up hippie style, 80's style (my fave), vintage style, etc, etc. And then just go crazy and take pictures. Oh, and don't forget the makeup. That's my thing. :)

So that's about it for now. If you want a picture of what I'm doing and what my day was like:
My mom decided to make me clean my room (Now I can see the floor! I need to vacuum...) And then I went to my church's small groups (all the girls go to someone's house and have fun and chat about Jesus stuff.) It was awesome. We went to this beautiful house and she had a hot tub. (Awww yeeeah) And we chatted and played 10 fingers and ate nummy junk food. Then we went in and talked about the book of Ruth. (Girl power! Aww yeah!) It was quite entertaining actually, and really interesting.
Then I came home to my dad's house, where I learned the song. Now I'm currently typing this on my bed, with my beautiful and lovely electric Fender guitar sitting next to me. :D

'Till next time,
May your mother's cousin never be assaulted by Attila the Hun at the supermarket.

And... I'm out.


  1. "(Random thought: Why can't "as well" be one word? It should be "aswell." I like that better.)"

    Because "Aswell" looks like uh-swell. :P

  2. Disagree.

    I don't see it that way at all.