Monday, January 17, 2011

Real Life Fairy-Tale

Many people claim that chivalry is dead, and Hollywood-esque stories don't ever happen. They watch their romance movies and sigh, wishing it could only happen in real life.

I've always been one to believe in them, though I'd never actually seen it. I'd think... 'Maybe somewhere... This stuff actually happens.'


I got to see a real life movie-romance happen between a good friend of mine and her love. I'd love to tell you the story.

Friday I went to see a play with Mark and some friends. One of those friends being Katelyn. After the show, I asked her if she wanted to come hang out with Mark and I for some pizza, then she could sleep over. It appeared that she wanted to, but was hesitant because she wanted to spend some time with her boyfriend. I told her to just bring him along, but the way she put it, that wasn't possible.

After awhile, she decided she'd stay the night. Under one condition.

Well I was confused by it for awhile but agreed, and we headed for my house after a quick detour so she could grab her things. We met up with Mark at my place and enjoyed some pizza, after she had a phone call with her boyfriend. After Mark left, we got ready to meet him.

I downloaded the software, set up the laptop camera, and logged on to video chat with Ryan, Katelyns boyfriend, who lived very far away.

It was all introductions and the usual at first. Katelyn had previously told me all about Ryan, but as always I have to decide whether or not to 'approve' after meeting my friends boyfriends.

This wasn't the average meeting, but it ended with me repeating 'I SO APPROVE' over and over.

We were all just chatting for the first little while, talking about little things, sharing what music we liked, what interests we had, etc. We joked around and shared stories, it was really nice.

Within the talk time, I noticed they'd trade comments. They talked like lovers do, but not just average lovers. They called each other 'love' instead of 'baby', they'd comment on each others eyes, they'd smile at each other through the video cameras... Not average smiles but real smiles. They smiled with their eyes.

Before you assume I'm just being my incredibly cheesy self, reader, know that you can't understand this until you see it for yourself. I've never seen love between two people before... Before this.

Anyways, when it got to the point where we were warmed up to talking with each other, like I had my animal hat on, we'd joked around and brought out my lightsaber, laughed over stories from us with our friends and his with his friend, etc... Like you know, got the gist of what we were all about... We couldn't really stop talking. When they'd go off, talking about little things to each other, he'd always apologize for me having to sit and listen, but I was always listening with great interest, and trying my hardest not to squeal. x) Then when Katelyn and I would go off on inside jokes, he'd give us a look and we'd laugh and explain. It was all so very fun and entertaining.

Good gosh too, he was polite. And incredibly sweet to her. And caring. And... good gosh, HOLLYWOOD-ESQUE. Like, you-dont-ever-get-this-type-of-guy-anymore. 's crazy.

We ended up talking into the wee hours of the morning. When it got to the point where we were both about to pass out, he suggested he help her fall asleep like he always does, by telling her stories.

He explained that his stories are not always ones of the past, but ones he plans and hopes on having in the future.

He started telling the story, and I was excited because Mark and I got to be in it as well as them.

He told, in detail (which I didn't expect), of how Katelyn and I had received a pre-paid manicure and shopping trip to go get all dressed up nice. Then as we left the mall, we were handed notes that gave us directions to a park we knew, and where to go to get a surprise. We found the park, and both followed the directions to find roses spread out with another couple of notes. As we rushed up and read the notes, we were told more directions, which led us to find two tables set up beautifully, with the person we expected standing next to the tables, waiting for us. This is when he included that it was Mark who had actually thought up the idea, which made me smile. x) We walked up to the tables and had a lovely dinner and a great time.

The story continued on, where we started to walk back to the car, and he told in detail of his and Katelyns walk back. He included extremely sweet details, like combing his hand through her hair and kissing her softly...

I was just dying, listening and trying not to either squeal or cry because of the cuteness.

Anyway, the story went on, and I noticed that Katelyn had fallen asleep. The whole thing was just the sweetest thing ever.

I kept listening, completely intrigued in the story, which he kept telling until the end and until he was sure she was asleep. Once the story was over, he whispered little things like 'I'm right here, love.' so as to make sure she was secure until he knew she was asleep. When she was asleep, I heard him softly tell her he loved her and type a little before shutting his camera off. I looked up at the computer screen, and he had typed something like 'Thanks for being patient through this, Kayla. I fall asleep better knowing she's sleeping sound.'

The whole thing was just unbearably cute. Absolutely un-real. I understood then why she was so smitten over him. She really did have reason to be.

And the whole thing was real.

The best part about it, is that I know things like the stories he told are going to happen. He's already done what he can from far away, and when they finally unite, I just know it's going to be wonderful for the both of them.

Gosh I'm going to start crying. Stop it, Kayla! You can handle the sweetness!

I only hope to experience such someday in my life. I knew fairy-tale-esque love was out there, and I got to see it! Now, I just need to have it myself. I know it will happen.

Moments like these really give me hope. I wish Katelyn and Ryan the best possible forever and ever, and would like to thank them for letting me spend some time with them. :) You're both absolutely inspiring.

Thanks for reading, have a happily ever after. <3

Thursday, January 13, 2011



Lol. Whatta joke.

So past couple of days:

Got in a car accident.
Realized imma fail my finals next week.
Realized I'm totally losing people.
Found out we might lose the house.
Realized the situation is effecting my over-all mood.

I don't like this. And my next post will elaborate. Mhm.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Blog! ...(s)?

For awhile I've been slightly mentioning here and there that I wanted to start a new blog that shows a different side of me. Well, I definitely started one...

Actually four.

Counting this one. So really three. Or four if you count my anonymo... I mean... *cough* Three.

So since this blog, That's Legit!, is my most (probably only) read blog, I figure here would be a good place to introduce my new blogs.

Here they are!

This blog is a little tiny peek into how I view things. I think differently than most people, so I try to show it in this blog... 'cause maybe... you'll open your mind for just a second.

Granted, this is only the tiniest sliver into how my mind actually works. If you were to actually step into my mind, you'd implode immediately. And we don't want that.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. I'm still working on this and building my style of writing, but most of it's written in third person, and some of it may or may not be about me.

So the Moral of the Story is... -

In this blog, I take an experience and write it out in a different style of writing that I'm trying. I then take what I think the average person would assume the moral of the story is, and use that for the title. After that I read through it again and dissect the post for a different 'moral of the story' and use that at the end of the post.

Still working on this one quite a bit. Not quite happy with it yet. None the less, feel free to check it out, I promise I'll make it better. Or end up deleting it...

This... I'm so excited about this. Here I take a question and answer it in my perspective, then I ask other people said question, and get their perspective on it. At the end I ask myself if my perspective changed.

The reason I'm so excited about this blog, is because I LOVE perspective. I find myself repeating the phrase 'It's all perspective.' lately too. :D

I also am really into psychology and sociology too.

That's it! I hope you check out my blogs and let me know what you think of them. And I'll also continue to keep up with this blog just as much if not more than the others. Thanks so much!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sick Day #3

Things learned today:
1. Sick time can be excellent for learning songs on piano
2. I do not sound good when singing along to said songs.
3. Ramen is food from Jesus.
4. Don't expect people to be smart or reasonable about things. (Ohwait. I knew this. It's just been awhile since venturing into the other worlds of people.)
5. I'm starting to not care about what people think as much! Except thats a lie!
6. Got in touch with/noticed/chatted with some people who I knew/used to know from awhile back in the last few days. Sometimes its good.
7. Throat hurt has turned into cough + runny nose. What?
8. I was better when I was up and walking, sicker when I was laying down.
9. Sick = lonely.
10. Despite everything, I do not miss school.

Lonely... I am so lonelyyyy...

So I've decided that I'm never living alone.

Being sick the last few days has brought me to this conclusion.

I am a people person. I love people. I live for people. And music. But that goes along with people.

You get my point.

So when I'm alone, all by myself for an entire day, nothing to do but sit around and wait for the day to be over... I get all sad. And... well, lonely!

It sucks!

I don't like it. So I decided that I'll just never live alone, to avoid that problem in the future.

Granted... I'll be driving by then ('cause I freekin' still haven't been able to go take the dang permit test cause I've been so busy and then LOOK A FREE DAY. Oh never mind, SICK.) and so if I'm lonely I could just drive somewhere and meet new people. (I'm exceptionally good at that when I want to be.)

Buuuuut still, I don't wanna live alone. It's just nice to know someone's there.

Hopefully... they're not... too noticeable though...