Sunday, June 20, 2010

WOAH Kayla has a blog.

So this'd be my first post on my blog. This is an epic moment. Let's take it in. ... ... ... Okay so to start out, I better talk about my day.

Well, It started out with my friend Brittney over because the day previous we had had a sleepover. We woke up and she basically had to leave right away. Which sucked. But it's alright because we made epic videos the day before. THEN later Katelyn came over and we watched a couple videos then went to Target! I was graciously honored to happen to be the very first person Katelyn drove somewhere besides a family member. Even though she got honked at. But it's okay. They didn't see her license plate. XD When we got to Target, we trashed the place. ... No I'm kidding we shopped. We had come for the sole purposes of fedora's and toilet paper. Oh yeah, believe it. Awesome combo. What? You're wondering what the purpose of those were? Well I find I need no purpose but fine: I ran out of toilet paper and fedora's are just flippin' awesome. So anyways, between the looking I found some other beastly things. They include: A Flyleaf CD (:D!) and a freekin' awesome hat, Buzz Lightyear socks, and a cute headband. I also wanted to buy window paint and fabric paint but noooo that'd go over $40. :P I did end up getting a frappicino too, though, so I'm perfectly happy. :) Before the frap and paint crisis, Katelyn and I had an epic lightsaber fight in the middle of an aisle in Target. After that we played with a bouncy ball and knocked over some toys and such then went to go grab the other stuff we needed. We then bought the stuff and walked back to her car, me holding a frap in one hand and toilet paper in the other.

Later on, after Katelyn set this blog up for me, I went to sing the national anthem at Raceway Park. It went decently well. I say alrighty, people seemed to enjoy it. Later on we got some food and watched my cousin race. Then disaster struck. As I was walking up the bleachers, I slipped and got my left foot caught between the bleachers, thus twisting it. I also scraped and hit my right calf on the wood bleacher, and its currently being iced and hopefully the swelling is going down... Icky.

So this is my day. Epic to not so much. I'm looking forward to movies and puppy chow with Katelyn tomorrow though. ::D

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