Sunday, July 4, 2010


You've got some splainin' to do!

Yeah, so past few day's I've neglected this blog. I guess you could say I went on an emotional and mental journey. I guess?

Well, I wanted to write out my inner feelings in a creative and inspiring way. It's challenging. Thus, I wasn't on this blog. You see, I'm not going to share my deepest secrets over blogspot, for anyone who knows me can read them. Anyway, while I was off being deep and stuff, I had some fun time's in-between.

Huh. You think I'd remember everything I did in the past few days. Time to check Facebook. Ahh got it. So I'll start at friday since I don't remember thursday at all. So friday I remember having nothing to do, and I ended up going to this restaurant and seeing a band play. They were all older guys (quite old) but they were really great at what they did.

I found out from my dad that the guitarist might become my guitar teacher, which is exciting because then I get to learn more guitar. :D And this guy was real good. Oh. And later on that night I wrote the beginning of a song. :D

On saturday, I went shopping at a mall with Grace and Abby. We three being completely crazy, had an amazing time.

Real quick, just a note, I must fill you in that Grace and I have a summer bucket list. One of the things to do on the list includes having an "emo/scene/goth day" and a "gansta day."

I ended up buying a black beret, my gangsta shirt (obviously for gangsta day), a bright yellow tutu (for scene day), and purple hair dye (also for scene day).



It was exciting. We ended up coming back to my house after also buying frozen yogurt (me), cinnamon sticks (Abby), and pretzels (Grace) and taking pictures in our tutus. I'll post pics on here later.

Then I got home and sulked for reasons not known by you.

Today I played guitar hero for about 6 hours and then ate dinner with some family on the porch. Later on I went and saw fireworks (happy 4th!) and met up with a friend and caught up.

When I went home I played some piano, some guitar... sulked a bit...

And now I'm here. Hello.