Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've recently been jamming out with a couple friends (Grace, Stobes) and our progress is... well, not very progressive. But hey, how much do you expect out of a first rehearsal? We're going to learn Halleluja by Paramore as well as a couple other songs too. I'll be singing and filling in on guitar and piano where needed.
We started off by basically playing randomly... actually no, technically we started off with eating doughnuts and listening to me complain about how tired and hot I was from lack of sleep and biking all day. It's a legit excuse to complain.
We ended up deciding we all need to learn our parts for Halleluja and then we'd meet up again. So with that figured out, we relaxed by playing mind-crumbling Brawl. After that we played Call of Duty for more relaxing of course and then I left to go back home after spending more than 24 hours with Miss Grace.

Awhile back I had constructed a "Breakup Kit" for those who just went through a tough breakup and need a little support. I got all my supplies ready, now all I need is something to put it in and BOOM! Insta-fun for the hurt heart. :D It's legitimate, fasho.

(Random thought: I really need to go to the Fair soon...)

Well, shalomala 'till next post... and don't forget to wash your makeup off BEFORE entering your shower. Trust me, I would know.

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