Friday, July 9, 2010


New phone + new number + me = freaking friends out.

Oh yes.

You see, I have a couple friends who would do the same to me. Thus, oh my word I am so gonna have fun with this. *checks phone* ... Damn they're good. Need a new victim.

For those of my friends that actually read my blog, you will be spared of this torture. :D So there's a good reason to read this. :D *mutters evil laugh*

So anyway, my iPhone arrived, if you didn't already figure that out. *happy*

In other news...

Ahh, night-time Facebook ranting. Don't you just love it?


Okay, ever heard friendship or any sort of relationship is a two way street? Yeah, it takes both people making an effort for it to go anywhere. So those people who I "never see" or we "need to hang out" and never do or "miss me" ... well show it. I sure as hell miss you, but I can't keep trying to plan things with no effort from anyone else. Do you actually care? At all?

Me: To cover any "drama" or whatever high school mellow-dramatic things people might think or do or assume... this is absolutely NOT directed towards any one person or group. This is me, expressing an opinion of mine.

Hahaha. Ranting.

But its so true.

I should end this post in a cool fashion or something. It's really gone nowhere. I'll talk about my week.

I hung out with some friends, went swimming (it got late so it was like night swimming. :D) and then came back and watched movies and raided my fridge. Then today I went to a psych marathon with the gang (different from the CCC) and ran away sheepishly from bees. (I'm pretty sure bees are demons.) Tomorrow I'll be going to hang with some friends. (The CCC.) :D

That's about it... so see ya. May your teeth never be replaced by freshly ironed wool socks.

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