Monday, August 15, 2011


Well... What if I don't want to forget?

I've heard people say before, that in order to get over people, you need to forget them. The people you liked and the people you said you loved and the people you do love. The emotions you felt, the times you had, etc. After you forget all of that over time, then you can move on and love someone new, yes?

Well, what if I simply DO NOT want to forget?
Some people will argue, "Why? Don't you want to forget all the bad times, and the heartbreak you went through?" And I simply would rebuttle, "No."
I don't want to forget the wonderful time I had with you, I don't want to forget the feelings I had for you, I don't want to forget the way I felt when you messaged me, I don't want to forget that fight I had with you, I don't want to forget when you broke my heart.
"You're crazy."
Yes. I'm crazy because I want to remember all the emotions I had. The emotions that were so real, so vivid, so very important to me at the time. No I don't want to hold on to them forever, yes I want to get over them, but I want to REMEMEBER them. They were real. They make me, me.
There are certain times I don't want to remember though. But it's almost like I recieve a new view when I do remember, though. So, I guess I do want to remember still. Just some less often.

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