Sunday, May 22, 2011

Been Meaning to Say

To be honest, I'm really not liking this. The whole faking-like-it-never-happened thing. I mean, it's good that we're talking and all, but you act as if I just met you. Like the friend who 'I also know' wasn't someone I introduced YOU to. Like I don't already know this and that about you, you have to inform me.

You're an interesting character, you know that. You're intriguing. You're a false sense of security. I hate it. I hate how you can pull someone in, so much that they fall for you. For your witty sense of humour, your odd ways of viewing things that some how always makes so much sense, your love for things different.

But that's the thing. You do that, and then you kill them. You make them feel like everything and then you stab them in the heart with a rusty spork that's on fire.

Except for, that literally happening would probably feel less painful than what you do.

You take a person, you change them, you make them feel less significant, you kill them, you leave them forever different - You leave them broken hearted, and with no trust for anyone else, since you took all of theirs and shattered it.

And you do this over and over.

Then after some time, you make them your acquaintance, so you're free of the guilt you build up, and the process again starts with someone new.

The sad part, is that you curse them. They'll never get over you. They'll still want what they thought they had with you, they'll still want to be your friend, they'll still feel insignificant.

Unless they have someone they deserve, who tells them the truth.

We can only hope that each person you kill finds this person.

Thank God I did. Maybe some day, I'll tell you just who you are. Of course, I wont stab you in the heart with a rusty spork that's on fire. I'll just tell you, in the sweetest way, the very truth you deserve, the reality you run from, that you take out on others. And I'll be free of you, I'll have said what I needed to say, and I'll have been the better person. And maybe, that will stay with you, and you'll get what you've been giving.