Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Break

My friend Ben is patiently awaiting another post on this blog. So here's to you, Ben! You're the one who cares to read this the most anyways.

So just a quick sum up of lately:

Been trying to start up some other blogs for different reasons I'll post about later.

Christmas with the family was good. Got lots of gift cards, my animal hat I'd been wanting, and some other cool things too. My family is starting to recognize that I am a tolerable human being who can hold conversation, and not just a child. Though I am, in a sense, the odd-ball of my family. I think they're starting to accept that though. I really enjoyed Christmas this year.

Been hangin' with boyfriend. His birthday was the other day, so we celebrated with fondue and such. I got him chocolates (he loves chocolate as much as me! :o) and a gift card to FYE for both birthday and Christmas. He got me chocolates and ductape for Christmas, since that's what I wanted. x) I think he still plans to get me something else, but he wants me to pick it out.

Decisions. Don't like them.

I've been listening to a lot of mew music, and am always looking for more.

I'm currently on winter break.

Yeah. So that's your update. Catching up on things right now, but I'll be able to write more later. Hope all is well and everyone's holiday season is merry!

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